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Check out +30 creative free Keynote presentation designs designed specifically for you to have a strong and quality presentation experience.

Ready to meet +30 free Keynote Presentation Design that will blow your mind? What are your expectations from a presentation design? Ease of Use? Aesthetic appearance? Flexible use? Professional design? Template7 offers all this and more for FREE! You just need to choose one of +30 different presentation designs that will suit every application. All designs are specially designed for you.

Creating a good presentation is expensive and time-consuming, but with the free and completely ready-made products of Template7, it is not anymore! On the other hand, create innovative and exciting presentations with these free +30 Keynote presentation designs. You can find innovative and professional presentations appealing to every sector and area very easily here and start using them immediately. Moreover, these Keynote free presentations are incredibly creative and user-friendly. You can easily edit and change transitions.

In addition to all of these, each feature has its own animation, layout, colors, and fonts. You will love using creative free keynote presentation templates that are easy to customize. Also, you have to do it is very simple! Add your images, write stunning titles and texts, refreshing colors and layouts to suit your tastes. It is easy to make a presentation! Get this creative free +30 Keynote presentation template, with one click, now practical and modern. May your success be left to chance and luck!

1. Free Architecture Keynote Presentation 

Awesome handy free presentation template for architects, landscape architects, and architect firms.

This wonderful presentation consists of 23 slides. It is designed in accordance with the regulation completely. Moreover, you can create a remarkable effect with large and striking titles. Your presentation becomes more visually effective with its black thin frames! There are special slides for you to share your graphics and data. There are 5+ special slides for your legendary teammates.

2. Free Creative Keynote Presentation Template


If you’re looking for a useful and exciting Keynote presentation, the Creative Keynote Presentation Template will inspire you!

Free presentations are not always baited and boring! Template7 always offers you free presentation templates in the best quality with its different and professional style. The Creative Keynote Presentation Template is just one of them. It is functional, user-friendly, and very easy to use. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to edit. Also, open Keynote and make the background, font, visual, and many changes in minutes with just a few clicks. You don’t need to be a professional! Everything is ready at hand with this template.

3. WinnePo Free Keynote Presentation Template


WinnePo Free Creative Keynote Presentation Template

12 is a different presentation. It is a keynote presentation design that we highly recommend you choose. Besides, it is suitable for use in every sector and every area. In addition, it is clean, minimal, and user-friendly, providing 100% compatible and flexible operating performance. Vivid, colorful, and a special presentation to create a positive impact on your audience. Besides all this, this amazing product is completely free. On the other hand, you can start using this product with one click without paying a single dollar.

4. Blue Idea Free Abstract Keynote Presentation Template


Blue Idea Free Keynote Presentation Template

You can easily download and get started quickly and practically. It is also an effective product with remarkable color and layout. On the other hand, you’re ready to create an easy presentation with this exclusive, flexible free keynote presentation design. Moreover, get a professional presentation design with no money. 24 private and ideal presentations can be used in many areas, you can present to your audience.

5. Desert – Free Minimal Keynote Template


Here’s Desert for a simple and creative presentation!

Desert is a free Creative Keynote Template. This free presentation template includes teams, infographics, circle diagrams, and more presentation layouts with 2 minimal colors. Also, a very light tone of gray and a smooth milky brown color used in this minimal keynote template. Also, rounded shapes make this presentation look more creative.

6. Space – Free Keynote Template | for MacOS

Space Free Keynote Template by Template7

This keynote presentation ends your quest for a striking and impressive presentation.

Space is a Free Keynote Template designed by Template7. Yellow and orange colors used in this awesome theme. Also, the modern and creative style Keynote (MacOSX) theme is ready for you to create amazing slides. So, this feature makes this presentation one of the best keynote templates in the creative category. In addition, these animated free keynote templates have over 18 unique slides. Additionally, master Slides used in this template, which means it will be easier to organize your presentation content.

7. Vantablack Free Presentation Keynote Template

Be captivated by the captivating magic of dark colors.

If you are looking for a simple to use and completely minimal completely free presentation template, you should try this product. It is a black design with completely dark colors. Besides, it is a product with 10 different and transitions. On the other hand, it is a Keynote free presentation with graphics, mockup, transition, background, and very rich visuals. You can try this product for free with just one click and bring out your presentation to your personal taste.

8. GreenBook- Free Keynote Presentation Template


Get a flawless and completely free presentation design.

This design, in which we get a comfortable and spacious appearance with green tones, attracts attention and you can easily have the presentation you want. On the other hand, 26 creative slides, graphics, models, visuals, and many more to choose from can easily edit and use. In addition, share your message with the world in your unique voice, use this simple minimal presentation template now, and enjoy the positive result. Several different slides are at your service, ready for quick editing and fine-tuning according to your needs and regulations. Also, without further ado, take control now and see the final product glow with all your privileges. Click on the link below and start preparing your free presentation.

9. Turqois Free Keynote Presentation Template


Complete your presentation with the elegance of colors and design.

Instead of wasting time, use a completely ready presentation with a quick and practical solution. Drag and drop and get a premium Keynote presentation design with mega features in a few clicks. It is a dazzling presentation with its special and simple visuality. 22 different and innovative slides with a style that will attract everyone’s attention. Get this product created for you now. Simply download this Keynote presentation design completely free of charge by clicking on the link below. Sit back and enjoy a pleasant presentation experience.

10. Pamp It Free Keynote Presentation Template


Pink tones and a user-friendly presentation.

An impressive Keynote design with 10 professional slides. Colorful, vibrant, and flashy presentation design. It is well suited to serve students, businesses, teachers, and many industries and individuals. This presentation is incredibly easy to use. Drag your images and enter your texts in a few clicks. Get this exclusive and completely professional keynote design with a click.

11. Three Suns Free Keynote Presentation Template


A highlighting and aesthetic Keynote presentation.

Designing presentations and addressing an audience can sometimes be complicated. What your audience wants and what you offer is very important. Besides, if you want to get a ready presentation and make your job easier, this product has to be very flexible. This design, which we will present to you, responds to your every request and your business. We have created this special and unique design for you. Special is a mega keynote Presentation design with 45 different slide slides. However, it is a legendary product with special effects that will make you feel different and enduring. 

12. Free Basic Keynote Template

Here’s Desert for a simple and creative presentation!

You can use this free keynote template if you want to create an impressive presentation with its simple and colorful design. On the other hand, black, dominated by dark tones, bearing yellow tones by weight. You can easily use and change the fonts, graphics, icons in any order, color, and size. Besides, it is a handy Free Keynote presentation template design with maximum flexibility for customization. On the other hand, you can have this great presentation completely free of charge.

13. Useful Free Keynote Presentation


A minimal template dominated by red and brown hues.

This presentation, which is an ideal tool for showing and presenting your presentation perfectly, will be very useful. Moreover, a free presentation template with a total of 18 slides is a creative and minimalist keynote presentation. You can also simply modify and edit free fonts, icons, and vectors. Besides, each slide has a different tone color and a different visual effect in this product you can get your own and many different and varied views. In addition, brown tones, green tones, black, gray tones are dominated by a very aesthetic presentation.

14. Corporate – Free Keynote Template


Be captivated by the captivating magic of dark colors.

If you are looking for a simple to use and completely minimal completely free presentation template, you should try this product. It is a black design with completely dark colors. Besides, it is a product with 10 different and transitions. On the other hand, it is a Keynote free presentation with graphics, mockup, transition, background, and very rich visuals. You can try this product for free with just one click and bring out your presentation to your personal taste.

15. Free Business Keynote Presentation Template

A stunning and professional presentation design of the business world.

It is a presentation design that will help you make it simple, qualified, and simple for your business. Besides, you will be able to create a pleasant presentation with simple usage and effective features that will appeal to your visual tastes. On the other hand, it was created to address many sectors and areas.
It has a quality and elegant look for your simple slideshows. Moreover, it helps you organize and personalize your information and text in the best way. It consists of 11 useful and different visual pleasure slides. On the other hand, it contains fully editable elements.

16. Purple – Free Abstract Keynote Template


Get a cool look in your presentation with its purple and light shades.

This free Creative Keynote Template comes with awesome features and 2 different gradient colors. On the other hand, you will be able to use a keynote theme with your business presentations, creative keynote presentations, and minimal keynote presentations. Also, scroll down and watch an animated demo video of this presentation theme.

17. Cactus- Free Keynote Template

Nature’s colors are together!

The beige, green and pink shades give an eye-catching and elegant modern effect. With its easy and simple editing features, this design is ready to bring every image and font to the forefront. However, you can edit and add shapes and graphics as you wish to differentiate. Just add your texts, images, and have a great presentation for a different, effective, constructive, and pioneering presentation. On the other hand, you can get this product which is completely free by clicking the download button. Also, scroll down the page and watch the animated opening slides for this presentation theme.

18. Art Keynote Presentation Template

A presentation that art lovers and different sectors can love.

If you want your presentation to be watched by your audience remarkably, it is a highly preferred presentation design. On the other hand, it is a good choice for those who prefer simple, clear. It’s also a great way to deliver your business and any presentation you want to present effortlessly and effectively to the other party. Plus, with amazing layout and delicate colors, it can make your presentation different from the crowd. A simple and effective presentation design that helps you customize your presentation the way you want and show how creative you are. On the other hand, you can have this handy and minimal presentation design completely free of charge.

19. Free Keynote Presentation Template – Simple & Multipurpose


Simple and user-friendly design.

Keynote presentation template that is versatile and convenient to use in all areas. This map presentation template comes with 2 different colors, special transitions, simple and understandable presentation. On the other hand, it is a simple Keynote free presentation design with a flexible structure that allows customization. Besides, creating a fully professional set up, useful and quality presentation aims to meet all your needs simply. Besides, visuals, text, icons, and graphics all have a format suitable for sizing. 

20. Free- Keynote Presentation Template

It is a template with a very aesthetic and different appearance.

23 creative and stylish slides will impress your audience successfully. In addition to its splendid appearance, it is user-friendly and adapts to any area. Besides free keynote presentation design gives you many things you want and makes it easy.  Moreover, add your visuals, write your text, and get your keynote presentation-ready in a completely personalized way with a few edits, coloring. Also with this minimal presentation template, you’ll be able to present all your statistics and text very clearly. 

21. Başlık Buraya Gelecek


You will love this Keynote presentation, inspired by nature!

If you like your work and presentation to be clean and minimalist, this free Minimal Keynote template is perfect for you. Also, be a creative individual or agency, this is the order you shouldn’t miss to control. On the other hand, illustrators, designers, almost anyone who wants to push their works originally and remarkably uses a minimalist template for Keynote.

In addition, with this simple template, you can impress everyone with its appropriate and differentiating visuals in many areas. Besides, you will find a collection of over 22 slides that you can use according to your preference. With effortless editing, you can customize each slide in a very short time or in a very short time. 

22. Magenta Free Keynote Presentation Template

Magenta Free Keynote Presentation

With its simple design, it meets all your presentation needs with its unique slides.

If you have decided to create a presentation design and you have certain options and criteria in mind, your work is quite easy. In addition, it is a wiser and practical option to use a fully ready and professional Keynote presentation design instead of preparing it yourself. On the other hand, promote yourself, share your message, your vision, tell everyone what you’re doing, your services.

Moreover, show your projects, statistics, and other useful information. Also, with the right tools, you can now begin to create an overview of an enviable company and get things going like a pro. On the other hand, you can enjoy the result almost instantly with this remarkable Keynote template, even if you are working for a school assignment or social media promotion. 

23. Color Free Keynote Presentation Template


Experience a pleasant presentation with its amazing colors and animations!

It is a great and free creative keynote template presentation design for those who want to use the sumptuous and simplicity together. Moreover, a handy keynote presentation template with a creative and stylish style. With the Color Keynote presentation template, you will have the opportunity to create useful and quality works. In addition, you can enjoy a handy and highly professional presentation experience with 2 different color choices in blue and pink tones. It also has graphics, icons, visual placeholders, and many extra options.

24. Free Medical Keynote Presentation Template 2020


Get your presentation simple, convenient and completely free.

A successful free medical keynote presentation template can take you to other great opportunities. When your audience understands your message and has the same vision of your big picture, it’s easier to attract new customers, investors, and customers. On the other hand, it is a free keynote presentation design designed for healthcare, healthcare organizations, dentists, and doctors. Moreover, a great opportunity for those looking for a creative and effective keynote presentation.

Also, it is a great presentation design with 20 slides that are user-friendly, creative, and fun. On the other hand, it includes handy slides where blue tones are used in a highlighted way. Moreover contains medical and medical icons. On the other hand, mockups and maps provide enhanced support and narrative ease. In addition to all these, each slide has simple and special animated transitions. 

25. Education Free Keynote Presentation Template 2020

A great template designed for education and teachers.

This free keynote presentation is suitable for schools. Simple and clean design with red color. The templates consist of 15 slides and will be suitable for teachers. On the other hand, the design is clean and simple but does not make it bleak or boring. You should try this template for your teaching profession, as it may take a series of efforts to get your students’ attention. On the other hand, one interesting thing about our free training PowerPoint template is that you can customize the content. Just drag and drop the image onto the template, change the font, create content, and so on.

26. Papyrus Free Keynote Presentation Template 2020

Discover Papyrus, a design that those who prefer simplicity and elegance will love!

Who doesn’t want a completely free and useful presentation! We are happy to share the Papyrus Keynote presentation template with the conditions suitable for your business. On the other hand, you will love this design, which consists of 15 carefully designed slides. Moreover, the papyrus contains 7 mockups in the presentation template, thanks to these mockups, the presentation becomes more interesting and highlighting. On the other hand, look at their color! A fascinating visuality with green, red, and light shades carefully selected from the color scale.

27. Cygnus Free Keynote Presentation Template 2020

Are you looking for a completely free and professional presentation? Cygnus free keynote presentation meets all your expectations.

Creating a design that suits your tastes and needs can be quite expensive and you need many stages and processes. Also, we have good news for you! We created the Cygnus Keynote presentation template, which is completely yours to customize. Moreover, you will love this design, which consists of completely ready and up-to-date slides. On the other hand, many free Keynote presentation designs consist of a few slides, but we give you a professional presentation of +50 slides.

28. Red Theory Free Presentation Template for Mac


It is suitable for every job with its 25 magnificent slides.

Whatever you expect from ready-made presentation design, this great presentation template for mac completely meets your expectations. With its advanced and elaborate options, it touches you with a completely professional hand. Besides, it is quite exciting with its flashy and minimal style. It’s also quite different from simple and colorless presentations where your audience has been bored after a while. In addition, if your desire is to fully attract attention and focus on your business, there is no audience that you cannot attract with this product. 

29. HoneyBee Free Keynote Presentation Template


Communicate your presentation to the masses clearly and comfortably with this presentation.

It is a presentation design that provides remarkable and high performance with harmonious transitions and great colors. On the other hand, it is user-friendly and provides flexible performance. On the other hand, it is a stylish and simple design with many interchangeable options. Besides, choosing the best free Keynote templates is essential to making an impact, so we offer you the best-created product. On the other hand, you should consider your audience. This is a rather unusual and non-boring presentation that we insist on. 

30. Ocean- Free Keynote Presentation Template

Calm and cool, this design creates a cool and different effect with blue transition tones.

This handy and impressive Ocean presentation design, which is free, is very simple and full. Besides, 11 great slides are a minimal free presentation design dominated by black and blue tones. Moreover, the mockup option, on the other hand, allows you to create a fast presentation design that will be simple to use. Moreover, moving and visual presentation template with a blue design.

It also has great visuals and features. On the other hand, with this presentation template, you can make presentations that will provide simple and positive effects in many areas. Besides, you will receive the best and most effective responses thanks to the ocean free presentation template.


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