Top 30+ Best Selling WordPress Themes in Themeforest 2020

We have listed 30 special themes suitable for all needs.

Hello there! We bring you together with the stars of Envato Market! We have carefully prepared for this exciting meeting! Each of them is quite popular and really star-shining themes. Are you ready to meet them? You can easily use these amazing themes for your every need. You can choose a flexible theme for a newspaper, magazine, or a blog. If you have a creative agency, you will shine like a star using one of these inspiring best selling WordPress themes. There is no doubt about it!

These themes, which are fully responsive and equipped with many great plugins, will turn your head. On the other hand, we are sure that you will enjoy creating your website with tons of amazing and interesting features. And now you’re just one step away from doing a favor for your website. Moreover, we left 30 unique themes worthy to walk on the red carpet of Envato Market below for you. Our stars are waiting for you! Take a look at these flawless WordPress themes now. Choose the one that suits you best and enjoy the explosion like a star! See you again! Here we have compiled for you the perfect and useful wordpress themes that will interest you. Explore and shine now.

1. Newspaper

Best selling wordpress - Template7

A theme that is current and aims to provide you with the highest quality service.

It is a suitable WordPress theme for those who want to use a modern website with an old fashioned daily newspaper look. On the other hand, it is user-friendly and pleasant to use. However, the best-selling theme is great for blogging and is perfect for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, or review site. Supports videos from YouTube. In addition, this quality and great WordPress newspaper theme are incredibly compatible and mobile is also very convenient to use.

It is a modern design marvel that creates quality and positive effect.

GDPR compliant, the theme is fast, simple, and easy to use for a cryptocurrency, fashion, food, lifestyle, modern, personal, travel, luxury, viral, minimal, minimalist projects and more. On the other hand, you can set it up in a practical way and start writing and sharing your content right away and communicating with your audience. If your business and your industry are interested in this, you can use this product with an editable design very easily. It saves you from demanding coding and design and lets you use your WordPress theme completely ready.

If you do not have time or are not professional in this regard provides the best support. The luxuriously designed WordPress newspaper theme is designed and tailored for journalists, bloggers, and daily bloggers. Moreover, Instagram, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress and integrates with WooCommerce uses the best clean SEO applications. On the other hand, the newspaper supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense. Everything you need is compiled into a single WordPress newspaper theme and gives you 100% convenience. Get this exciting and aesthetic WordPress theme right away and start using it.

2. Soledad – Multi-Concept Blog Magazine WordPress Theme 

Best selling wordpress - Template7

Cool and shabby style fits in any concept.

It is a mega WordPress Blog theme that you can use for multiple purposes. If you are a blog writer, this product is a great option for you. It is also a great product for those who want a modern ema experience with useful and regular content. That’s why online news and magazines are hot and trendy.

Restaurant reservations, online shopping, appointment making, reading online news, the web have it all for you.

For this reason, entrepreneurs, creative individuals, and corporate businesses should prioritize web presence as a great and powerful tool in brand presence. However, Similarly, news websites need to expand their reach not only for unlimited exposure but also for effective monetization. Fortunately, creating a website these days does not necessarily require you to have coding skills. It is a popular WordPress blogging theme that is easy to use and cares about customer satisfaction.

You will bring your creativity to the forefront and become more attractive to your audience. It is a handy WordPress blog theme with its colorful content with incredible usage possibilities, large areas of content where you can add your images. on the other hand, the mega menu has many advertising spaces, more than 5000 home page demo. One of the most popular and popular WordPress blog themes to present your content to your audience.

3. Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

With its user-Friendly and professional design, here is Avada!

Avada is an amazing WordPress theme that is incredibly popular and used by everyone. It is a quality theme where you can get the most out of your creativity and work. However, the theme gives you five-star terms of use. Whatever your job, you can use this product in a practical and simple way. Avada has intuitive visual front-end design and editing tools to quickly create beautiful websites.

Clean, modern, multi-purpose designs that can be adapted and used for any website design and layout.

On the other hand, dozens of professionally designed demos that can be imported quickly at the push of a button, optimized with Add-ons such as 100 SEO Yoast SEO, adhering to strict WordPress and PHP coding standards and providing high performance with many useful content and features. This theme serves many different sectors, for example, online sales, sports, yoga, beauty, personal blog, and many different experiences and people with WordPress themes.

It is a design marvel that you cannot take your eyes with its incredible content. Colorful, simple, high quality modern, and high-end features. In addition, you can set your personal settings in a simple format and start using a personalized WordPress theme. On the other hand, everyone thinks that a dedicated website is expensive and takes a long time. But you can have all of these services for $ 60 US, including all customizations and terms of service in the hunt. Get the most popular and comprehensive product of this period right now.

4. The7 — Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress

Best selling wordpress - Template7

Ideal for a simple and compatible WordPress theme.

The 7 is one of the best features of WordPress themes you will have. It has creative and effective features. In addition to this, it is a product that is ostentatious and simple. On the other hand, the design wizard feature allows you to create a boutique-class website design in just minutes. It has the ideal performance for those looking for a WordPress theme with popular and quality content. In addition, it has been approved by Google and SEO optimization has been done.

With this excellent looking WordPress multipurpose template, you can create a web site that suits your needs.

On the other hand, it is a professional website waiting for your use in a completely ready-to-use format. Its design has been created to provide a very spacious and positive effect. Perception is a very important factor in design This WordPress multi-purpose theme design has been carefully designed to suit everyone’s perception.

This mega theme allows you to select more than 250 other settings. individually You can even have landing pages and micro-sites on your main website without any additional setup. Moreover, with The7, you can customize even the smallest details of the look of your website. Even the beginner can easily handle The7’s wide range of appearance customization options thanks to the Design Wizard feature. On the other hand, choose your preferred site layout, upload your logo, select the desired color scheme, set preferred fonts, and click the “Create ve button and you can start using it in minutes.

5. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

Here is a modern theme with its limitless designs.

BeTheme is a very popular WordPress multi-purpose theme with creative and flashy features that are very popular and used by many users. This wonderful theme is used by thousands of people. On the other hand, it includes a theme for a dance school, wedding planner, eco food, Xmas, language education, engineers, online sales, call center, party, spa, drivers, blog, magazine, and many other themes and sectors that you can think of. . It is sumptuous and quite user friendly.

This flawless WordPress theme has 4 different grid layouts, you can choose from different logos, titles and overlays to get the theme you want.

Betheme does not limit you and provides flexible usage conditions. You can use your creativity and edit your theme professionally to suit your own taste. On the other hand, thanks to 22 different input effects, you will be able to create a more flashy effect that attracts the attention of the masses. Get ready to be dizzy with features of different colors, sizes, and attractive visuals.

Choose from 4 predefined skins, 100% compatible, easy-to-use, more than 200 different look items, or create your own interface with this viral WordPress theme. You can also own a breathtaking website with this WordPress theme with three different blog layouts, 200+ shortcodes, more than 300+ vector icons, and many more features. On the other hand, simplify and visually delight your content and partner with quality by doing excellent work. The best way to move forward is to start with the best and quality WordPress theme.

6. Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

Total is a unique theme that makes it perfect for creating a website whatever your business. The theme was created with many different niches and professions such as companies, small businesses, online stores, lawyers, agencies, wedding planners, hosting companies, non-profit organizations, bloggers, and more. Also, thanks to its special and professional features and appearance, you will be able to deliver your quality content to your environment and perhaps the world with this website.

You can share your content freely with its high quality and original design and you can introduce your shares or products to everyone by everyone.

Full of great features like WooCommerce integration or Unlimited Portfolios. There is no reason to get Total Today at a lower price from a gas store and start building your new website. Build your website yourself in a fast, practical, and flashy way. On the other hand, you will be comfortable with flexible performance and you will be able to install without sacrificing professional appearance.

Through the customizer, you can easily change the colors of all the main elements of the site to give your site a unique look, and easily change the widths of the main site layout so that your site can be any size you want. You can change your theme in a way that suits your company, your business, and your own taste, and you can get your own custom WordPress theme. You can buy this highly responsive, quality, professional WordPress theme from Envato for only $ 41. It’s just a few clicks to get to know and grow your business.

7. Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

A popular WordPress theme with colorful and different designs for each industry.

There’s nothing you can’t do with a multi-purpose WordPress theme. The Bridge is a popular theme. It is a mega and professional theme with 430 demos. Showy, colorful, moving, cheerful, and positive energy. You can sell your products, write blogs, are suitable for YouTubers, education, and students can use and is designed to serve in many areas is a marvel of design. In addition, with a simple and pioneering design, you can catch a cool look together. And if you’re a blogger, you can share your content in the format that best suits your audience.

It is a theme where you can add glamorous visuals, and give videos a stylish and eye-catching look.

If you need a perfect website for hotels, travel tours, churches, weddings, shops, SEO digital marketing agency or photography, architecture, fashion, design, organic food, music, or if you offer any service, Bridge is here. You’ll love Bridge, which has made your work quite easy with over 400 demos with very special designs. Explore all Bridge possibilities with 24 new layout concepts, from standard site layouts to original and innovative designs.

The Bridge Restaurant plugin, on the other hand, allows you to create a beautiful and fully-functional presentation for your restaurant or cafe. Create a restaurant menu, view your business hours, let your customers link your website to your OpenTable account and reserve tables, and more. In addition, Search engines easily index any page of your website thanks to its integrated search engine support. Set meta keywords and description for each page and increase your SEO ranking. 

8. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

You will love the smooth usage conditions and awesome design.

It is a high-performance WordPress theme with a distinctive and custom look. Clean, modern and suitable for every need: agency, freelance, designer, web designer, developers, business, services, marketing, startup, blog, magazine, portfolio, photography, architect, corporate, event, artist, music, restaurant, and Import and modify over 70 professionally designed demo layouts. You can also import more than 400 section templates that can be merged to create a complete website or standalone landing pages with the Wire Frames Uncode Add-in. Anything you can think of can be created without touching a single line of code.

It offers you full service with its pleasant and special design.

Paged or Scrolling websites are recognized by some of the largest brands in the world. These websites provide users with fast, clean, and intuitive navigation that is both attractive and effective. There are also more than 30 default shapes, or you can create your own by uploading an SVG code. This WordPress theme with a simplified design gives you 100% support with easy updates, easy installation, custom fonts, automatic built-in mega menu, social networks, language options, and many additional features and hardware.

You will add your products, text, and images with pleasure and present them to your audience. With this WordPress theme, you will increase your recognition and you will be able to perform your business efficiently by appealing to a wider audience. On the other hand, it automatically detects screen size and adjusts content appropriately to provide fully responsive and optimized sites. Also, switch to mobile view and edit layouts to make it look perfect on every device. In addition, Google Maps, Before and After, Author Profile, Information Box, Social Icons, Copyright, Contact Form 7, Message Box, Tabs, Accordions, and much more. Get this sparkling special product with just a click and get ahead.

9. Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

In addition to its delicious appearance, it provides perfect working performance with many language support.

Enfold is a great theme to build a respectable website and make you stand out. It offers an incredibly simple, conspicuous, organized, and elaborate multi-purpose WordPress theme experience. It is suitable for everyone. SEO was created with best practices in mind. It uses clean, semantic, and valid HTML code and CSS to allow search engines to easily index your site’s content. Important content is always insignificant in your source code. With this theme you can have a regular and pleasant working order. Among the many exciting features is the Israel-sensitive WordPress theme.

On the other hand, it is a responsive theme that can adapt the layout to the screen size of your visitors.

(try resizing the screen and see for yourself) The Slideshows of this theme are also touch-enabled and hardware-accelerated, meaning it works superbly on mobile devices such as iPad or iPhone and offers you many useful activities. English, German, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, French, and many languages ​​is an advanced theme. Visual Shortcode editor with preview function of video slideshows for Youtube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos, price tables, columns, buttons, etc.

Shortcode options such as. Plus, 20+ predefined overlays, easy editing, and replacement. Any number of coatings is possible. Just create your own order without having to follow certain patterns to suit your tastes. Moreover, advanced features and flexibility make it possible for you to do anything. It comes with numerous options for changing layout, style, colors, and fonts directly from the backend. Create your own clean skin or use one of the 18 predefined skins from your WordPress Admin Panel and use this multi-purpose WordPress theme right away.

10. X | The Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

It is completely ready and provides usage within minutes.

If you want to build a website in perfect harmony and want to do it without spending hundreds of dollars, we strongly recommend the X The Theme theme. Because you may encounter many errors while creating your personal website. However, your professional page is quite another story. An employer’s site is his calling card and ultimately reflects the quality of the business. X is a WordPress theme that can facilitate the creation of amazing professional sites and does not require any special web development knowledge.

The difficulty barrier was completely shattered, and even a child can successfully create a spectacular page.

The theme is a blank canvas, a pile of clay ready to be shaped by the user. WordPress live customizer tool can be added and displayed before changes are applied. This function makes it easy for site owners to experiment with different settings for colors, layouts, feeds, and images. And because you can use it in many ways, you can perform your work in a very practical way.

With an active and clean design, this WordPress theme is fully responsive and has more than 600 Google Fonts. With the popular WooCommerce plug-in, you can even design your own online store. You can place your products in your store and gain incredible momentum for interactivity and popularity in your business. Don’t waste your time and own this product in a very simple way. You can see the details and demo review of this special product on the Envato market, don’t waste time and don’t miss this theme. And try it today.

11. Malina – Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

A WordPress theme equipped to enjoy the best of blogging.

Malina is the choice for those who want a quality blogging experience with the WordPress theme for their personal blog. Malina’s polished blog theme and beautifully balanced pages makes it an ideal WordPress template for almost all blog types. Malina WordPress Theme is fully compatible with Gutenberg Content Editor and is ready for use with WordPress version 5.0+. Easy to use, no encryption! Great innovations are applied, perfectly upgrading existing features.

With this practical and simple-looking theme, you’ll be able to leave a great impression on your readers.

On the other hand, it is the next-generation WordPress personal blog theme that can give your readers a comprehensive browsing experience. The Malina blog theme makes polished and beautifully balanced pages an ideal WordPress template for nearly all blog types. It is an elegant WordPress blog theme with a simple, light tone and minimal visuality. You can streamline your splendid design with a blog theme with great features and innovations.

On the other hand, if you look at the general features of the theme, responsive and fluid design, colorless sidebar, the composer, different section styles, classic blog layout, 5 headline layout, 3 kinds of message sliders and a wide range of layout and features will show you a useful WordPress blog performance. Moreover, get a Youtuber, blogger WordPress theme created for those who want more and better, as well as a good blogging experience. We strongly recommend you to buy this product from Envato and use it immediately.

12. ListingPro – WordPress Directory Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

Build your WordPress website with useful and gorgeous design with ListingPro.

Be the master of your business with the ListingPro WordPress theme, which is up-to-date and actively available. It is a theme that best reflects your work and you and glorifies your name. It is a product with special and practical content used by thousands of people. If you are a restaurant owner or a cafe operator, you can easily use the equipment for this product.

It is a modern WordPress theme with a clean, simple, and attention-grabbing design.

On the other hand, if you talk about the features of the product, location, appointment, special menu, distance, contact options, e-mail, and many features to choose from a web site with all the features and many more offers to you. It is of high quality and equipped with high-end equipment. ListingPro is an advanced directory theme. A successful directory contains all the files you need to create your website. Using well-known technologies such as Bootstrap and MapBox makes this Theme a developer-friendly product.

It is an elegant product that attracts its audience with its high popularity and a contemporary theme experience. On the other hand, you can connect your customers to yourself by getting a high quality and good WordPress theme and you will come to you by new customers from many parts of the world by doing online transactions. Buy the best and top-level product now and get started. It’s a great product to list the best and most up-to-date results. It’s a home directory theme to help you create, manage, and make money from a local or global directory site.

13. Saasland – MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Startup

Best selling wordpress - Template7

An amazing WordPress theme experience with purple, green, blue colors.

The Saasland WordPress theme is suitable for both beginners and professionals alike. The vivid colors have attracted attention. Purple, green, and blue colors dominate this theme with all your presentations will look very stylish, attractive, and attractive. Your presentations will be amazing with the Saasland WordPress theme that is compatible with Gutenberg and WooCommerce. The theme also includes RTL support and WPML multi-language support.

95+ PSD, including many graphics and images with a wide range of creativity to create presentations with the opportunity to create creativity.

By downloading the Saasland WordPress theme you can have the convenience of preparing your presentations easily and quickly for your work, homework, or seminars. Created up to date and ready to use. It is a high quality and responsive WordPress theme. It provides high performance with impressive and incredible features. They will love your Saasland oriented site because it provides a clean, modern, and beautiful design.

This theme is definitely a great way to start your new startup project or website. On the other hand, tons of features, elements, and blocks are loaded with options, giving you real flexibility in creating a dynamic, professional website. Also, it is a product offering quality and professional features with visual features and drawings in a perfect and friendly manner. You can download this versatile and useful theme with quick and simple methods. Start using this highly equipped product with flexible features.

14. Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

Get ready to be popular with a flashy and useful theme.

Bimber is a viral magazine theme that allows you to create a fully functional site in a very short time. Powerful share buttons with highly popular entries and the ability to create multiple ads. Interesting content, creative visuals, graphics, a wide selection of backgrounds, and more are all on this theme!

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, which includes many widgets with Bimber will have fun and easily create your site.

You can add a price plugin to your blog images for Amazon and Asos. Bimber offers you 3 different new and different demo options. Deliver a pleasant theme experience thanks to its rich and amazing content. Comes with powerful sharing buttons; popular, popular, popular entries and multiple ad locations. Everything is in a lightweight and easy to use package.

With this WordPress theme, it’s up to you whether you want to market your products or become a blogger. Moreover, thanks to its flexible features, it supports its users in a practical way. Also, get people visiting your site to focus on yourself and your content with a cute and colorful look. In addition, you can easily use this great WordPress theme on mobile. Put everything together in a light, creative, rich, and easy to use package. Get the attention of many audiences with your site. Start today and be viral today!

15. Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme 

Best selling wordpress - Template7

It is an incredibly simple and passionate professional design.

With Flatsome WordPress theme, you will get free lifetime updates. Interesting content, the dominance of the blue color, and dazzling design will dazzle your site. Flatsome is also WooCommerce compatible. It offers WPML and you can easily prepare your site. Moreover, it is a theme approved by Google and SEO optimization is available in this theme. You will be a pioneer in your business with innovative, up-to-date, and modern design.

It has the most suitable features for a glittering and special theme.

On the other hand, with drag and drop feature, you can place all your visuals and schemes quickly and practically and make your site breathtaking. However, the Flatsome WordPress theme also supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE8. With the Catalog Mode option, your customers can easily find and buy their products. You can easily update using Envato WordPress Toolkit, you can attract the attention of every audience with a child theme.

Get started with demo content and pdf file option. Moreover, surprise your audience. It’s time to create a fast, reliable, creative, engaging, and professional site. Flatsome offers you many features and ease of use. Save time, reach more people, make a difference, and dazzle. Now, download Flatsome now and create your breathtaking site easily and quickly! With Flatsome, you’ll be one step ahead of everyone.

16. Jupiter – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

It is a product that is unique, editable and provides easy use.

Jupiter WordPress theme contains hundreds of visual page creators, headers, footers, pop-ups, magazines, forms, and post archive creators. This theme has many colors and visual options and will make your site dizzy. Also, Jupiter theme is responsive and professional. This theme is very easy to use and you can create your site in a practical way.

Jupiter WordPress theme with single customizers in-store WooCommerce, blog, portfolio, theme, and post offers you wide possibilities and options.

Jupiter WordPress theme includes SEO optimization, multi-language options, RTL support, Google and Adobe font styles, and many more features. You can customize the widget, sidebars, search page, lightbox, and title bars. On the other hand, it contains 22 special elements for Elementor. Everything you need to make your site look flawless and reliable is put together in Jupiter WordPress theme.

Elementor, WPbakery Visual Composer, search engine, JetSmartFilters, JetWooBuilder, JetTabs, JetTricks plug-ins you can now create a perfect site. It builds on the best open-source libraries, plug-ins for greater extensibility and customization. Jupiter is developer-friendly and highly customizable from different angles. Moreover, enables standard WP techniques for greater plug-in compatibility. Extremely light and dynamic. Each line of code is optimized for you. It allows you to create a professional site with numerous actions and filters for further customization. Try it now, easily build your site and admire everyone.

17. Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

It appeals to your eye taste with its plain and unusual style.

Aren’t you bored of boring Web sites with similar features? If you are looking for a different and highly featured WordPress theme, you will find everything you are looking for with Salient. This gorgeous theme is easy to use and simple. The appearance is quite sad, understandable, and professionally designed. If you are looking for something special for your business and yourself, you will love this WordPress multi-purpose theme. It is mobile sensitive with many effective features, you can easily access the website from your mobile devices.

Salient includes a very special version of the popular WPbakery Page Builder plugin with new interface design.

On the other hand, each element and layout in Salient, with its first-class, award-winning design, is meticulously planned and designed to provide the highest level of detail possible. Also, Salient cannot be explained by its eye-catching features and performance. On the other hand, it offers 7 project styles and unlimited layouts for each.

Fine-tune wall layouts, project grid spacing, tinting, custom content on the project grid, and much more. However, the endless scrolling option for blog and portfolio, and the endless scrolling between many paging options, allow your users to load the next page of items while scrolling down for a seamless browsing experience and work in perfect harmony. Stylish, modern, rich in content, and simple to use with this multi-purpose WordPress theme, you can easily follow your business anywhere in the world and monitor the development of your audience.

18. Porto | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme

It gives you endless support with its strong performance for e-commerce.

Porto aims to serve you with practical and high performance whatever your business. The reason why this amazing product is so remarkable and impressive is its versatility and compatibility. Porto is the star of the business world with its special and useful features. Porto offers many features and powerful features that can configure anything you want. Compared to the general e-commerce features of other multipurpose themes, Porto offers excellent WooCommerce features with special looks and layouts and features.

If you are an online business owner, you can use this product to make your products more easily available to people.

Moreover, this WordPress theme gives you access to more audiences, which means you can sell more and increase your earnings. On the other hand, it is very elegant and clean in appearance with its multi-purpose special design. Moreover, you can find your own style in the theme very comfortable with many different page styles, changeable color settings, you will create your own Web site to suit your visual taste. Moreover, visual composer, SEO optimization, WooCommerce compliance, WPML support, 30 perfect home layouts, 4 different blog and portfolio types, sticky title options dandruff has many features.

If you want to be the best and different in your business, you need an excellent teammate like Porto. Also, this WordPress theme will provide you with the most up-to-date and popular features that will help you move forward in your business by adapting to the era. We are sure that you will love the Porto with its many different and nowhere designs and features. Undoubtedly, this user-friendly and professional WordPress theme is now available without wasting valuable time. In a short time, you will see the changes in your business and graph with your eyes and you will be surprised how far you are progressing. With this multi-purpose product, you can buy Envato at a very affordable price.

19. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

It has features suitable for your agency and many industries.

We are pleased to introduce you to a high-performance and unconventional multi-purpose WordPress theme. Moreover, this stylish theme also meets the needs of freelancers, photographers, architects, and digital artists and offers incredible portfolio features with tailor-made designs to suit individual needs. Moreover, you will be inspired by the blog features of TheGem, blog layouts that help an experienced blogger to stand out from the unusual.

As you use TheGem, you will be amazed by its features, it has many different and special features.

With the completion of 40 unique multi-purpose design concepts, 150 stunning demo pages, eight more than 20 styles of navigation settings, plus flexible page layouts, the possibilities are truly limitless. On the other hand, a creative agency with fancy ideas, including a full-featured WooCommerce fashion store, perfect for corporate business of any size and purpose, your website will be launched in minutes. Moreover, from the moment you start using this WordPress theme, you will see the changes with your own eyes. With over 200 styles for more than 50 content items, you can create unique designs in minutes.

The GM, on the other hand, has over 40 complete design concepts, each with its own style and character. These are not simple reskins; each demo includes a comprehensive range of research concepts and carefully thought-out design concepts. In addition, this WordPress theme with original content and design was fully optimized for modern devices, including smartphones and tablets, and dominated SEO best practices. So when buying TheGem, you can be sure that you get the long-term winning website and it is 100% user-friendly.

20. REHub- Price Comparison, Multi-Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

You can give your business a great momentum by using REHub.

You’ll love the REHub, which has a very colorful and dynamic design as well as a regular and understandable style. Impressive features, plug-ins, simple usage conditions, even if you are not a professional WordPress theme you can install alone. The theme covers several modern business models for profitable websites. Each part can be configured and used individually or you can combine them all into one site. Moreover, you will be amazed by the many striking features in these hundreds of ship theme. You can also use Automatic Content lists in the theme and split all content into beautiful pieces with automatic content.

Use the flat-button custom score widget and compact, corner quote, comparison post layout with special design post layouts with a different design.

In addition, all of our products and post grids and our list have a great compact stylish look on mobile phones and offer a fascinating WordPress theme experience with adaptive Comparison charts. REHub has advanced integration with the next Multi supplier plugins for WooCommerce. On the other hand, WCFM, Dokan, WC data, WC Marketplace. It has a unique store profile layout, which is also integrated with community functions such as theme, follow-up, follow-up, add friend, reputation system, private messages.

Besides, it adds content from youtube, googles images, books, freebase, Flickr, Twitter, and much more with simple clicks. They also have affiliate modules. The free version has CJ coupons and a Bid module that can be used to add any link to the comparison list. Also, you is looking for and. With this WordPress theme that gives you a lot of things and more from a website, you will see that your business gets great momentum. You will use this theme with its magnificent and magnificent design and you will increase your income rapidly.

21. Phlox Pro – Elementor MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

It is suitable for many different jobs with its styles that give positive electricity and relax your soul.

Mega is a quality WordPress theme with multi-purpose features. Moreover, it contains more than 80 Complete Elementor demos, and you can easily do business from many fields and sectors with this WordPress theme. Areas of use are quite large and large. Make your site more customizable than any customizable WordPress theme on the market with Elementor page builder, 160 items available for Elementor, and options for everything, you have full control over your website’s pixels.

Phlox has more than 90 Elementor templates.

If you are looking for simplicity and looking for a clear-looking Web site or a very stylish, exaggerated, and remarkable theme has the qualities to suit your every need and satisfies you in many ways this WordPress theme. Phlox comes with the most powerful and advanced theme options system; Set options for each page you can override or apply globally to the whole website and you can see the results in real-time.

This multipurpose and arty professional WordPress theme, Phlox comes with a unique Elementor demo collection based on new trends in the web industry, and this collection is constantly growing. On the other hand, Phlox demos, blogger, photographer, e-Commerce, agency, studios, restaurant, food, etc. It covers a wide variety of categories. Moreover, all demos are available in Elementor, and Phlox comes with a modern setup wizard and smart cloud service to make demos faster, easier, and safer. You can also choose whether to import the entire demo content or just part of a demo in just 3 simple clicks.

22. Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

Admire the visitors of your website with its dark and different styles and magnificent look.

Whatever your business or interests, you can use Impreza for a ready WordPress theme in content and format that suits you. This great theme is a great WordPress multi-purpose theme with theme content suitable for magazines, life news, beauty shop, digital artist, one page, multi-purpose, simple shop, digital agency, restaurant, and many other areas. You can easily do your work in a simple, practical, and fun way and use your theme is simple, clean, stylish, popular, flashy, modern, serious and many styles.

With this theme, you can be traded not just a blog or wrote news.

You can add your own products, add your products, and sell your products and promote your products, you can increase your sales. We’re sure you’ll love this WordPress multi-purpose theme, which allows you to easily increase your income level and recommend it to everyone. On the other hand, 220+ ready web page design, 300+ powerful yet simple theme options, the most powerful title builder market, optimized for speed and SEO, and with so many features and add-ons, there’s no reason not to be dizzy.

Moreover, simplified theme options make your job a lot easier, with over 300 options well thought out and organized in a balanced and clear system that you can use quickly. On the other hand, with the reusable Global Blocks, create and place the same page blocks on multiple pages and edit them all at once and take your business to a very different size. Finally, with the solution page builder, Impreza comes with an advanced and fine-tuned WPBakery Page Builder. Create beautiful sites easily with an intuitive and completely visual builder. You are now ready to create your own Web site with your own WordPress theme without the need for coding or professionalism. Try this luxury product we are sure you will be satisfied with.

23. WoodMart – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

It’s a great way to create an effective and stylish platform where you can sell your products.

With Woodmart, it’s time to bring a new breath to online retailing. If you are a business owner, you should not just sell your products in the store, and nowadays, like most people and business owners, you should open up to the world with your website. On the other hand, setting up a website always takes you further and allows you to move forward in a more specific way. Your brand is recognized and sells more and you can grow your business easily. Regardless of the product, you sell, whether it be a watch, accessories, clothes, furniture, or home accessories, you can exhibit all of your products on the web site that you will create as an exhibition and increase your sales.

It is a premium WordPress theme designed from scratch to create superior WooCommerce for all types of online stores.

Focused user experience first, WoodMart uses a powerful AJAX technology to give users a fast and hassle-free shopping online interface without the need for constantly renewed pages. Nevertheless, WordPress has never been thinking about WoodMart to create any kind of online store you can imagine and start earning this passive income stream and never look back, What’s more, this cool-looking WordPress theme is easy to customize. Everything has been tweaked and developed in a responsive way against customization requests that can adapt to your extent with a highly customizable site so you can easily and quickly change requests with minimal fuss.

You can also change your up-to-date palette, update your color swatches to show multiple of the brand rules to meet you, fonts, product variants all accessible in an intuitive familiarity WordPress dashboard. Moreover, last but not least, SEO optimization is done completely and safely. These tools are well designed to clean code, and give you more control over your usage, support for almost all popular SEO plugins to have accurate metadata in the right place and fluff-free. Do not have any doubts or thoughts about this theme. Completely ready, reliable, gorgeous and you can start using it right away. Now go to this product through the link and review the demos and details of the product, you will appreciate this WordPress theme by giving us the right.

24. Kalium – Creative Theme for Professionals

Best selling wordpress - Template7

Meet Kalium, a popular and popular theme.

It is a popular and flashy WordPress theme that serves in architecture, wedding, law medical, hotel, automobile, fashion, photography, restaurant, travel, and many other areas you can think of. Also, it is a great option for those who want to do their job in the best and professional way. It has a very exciting appearance with its colorful and vibrant designs. On the other hand, it is possible to design everything with your website or just a blog, Kalium. With layout designs, user-friendly Theme Options, and rich Drag and Drop creator to help you build your perfect site in minutes, you can use it as a multi-purpose theme to create what you want with this template.

Instead of using old and unobtrusive e-commerce themes, focus on this amazing and up-to-date theme.

Create the shopping experience you expect without all the puffs. Kalium works very well with the industry standard WooCommerce plug-in and offers full e-Commerce support. Especially for WooCommerce with advanced capabilities and professional layouts will close your socks. It offers a ton of options to give users the best shopping experience. You can also view your demo with a single click. The fastest way to create a website. Imports pages, feeds, sliders, widgets, theme options, and more.

In addition, new demos are constantly added, and purchasing a single license for Kalium gives you access to all of the things shown below and everything to be added in the future. In addition, it adapts to its flexible performance and development and personalization. Also, with 900+ fonts you can get a different and special theme look. It is a WordPress theme designed for professionals with many features and content you might need, including mobile menu, price table, lightbox portfolio, text logo, sticky menu, footer widgets, FontAwesome icons, and lots of rich features. If you want to be a pioneer and do your job in the coolest way we recommend you try this very useful WordPress theme.

25. RealHomes – Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

You can sell your real estate safely in a self-confident manner.

RealHomes is a quality and professional WordPress theme equipped with the most suitable equipment for your real estate and real estate business. The impressive and flamboyant RealHomes theme gracefully presents property information to visitors and facilitates property management, facilitating property owners. The team behind RealHomes is constantly working on improvements and improvements. So with each update, it gets better and better. On the other hand, it provides powerful and customizable advanced real estate search functionality. On the other hand, you can show or hide any field from specific fields, and customize the data to display in those fields.

You can display multiple location fields. And you can change the Min and Max price values.

In addition, you can change search behavior and values ​​for bed and bathroom areas. In short, you can customize the search form to meet your needs. Also, the search form on the image feature can be enabled to replace the slider area for the home page with an elegant looking search form on a background image. Real Homes also provides related customization settings to fully customize the image, search form fields, text headings, colors, and margins.

In addition to all these, it has a quality and magnificent appearance that creates a stylish and positive effect. Moreover, the Real Homes theme provides a similar properties module on the property details page showing features similar to the current feature. You can select similarity criteria from the settings and select the order in which similar properties appear. On the other hand, you can provide visitor registration, login, and forgot password features on your real estate website to allow visitors to access only the features. You can also improve the login and registration of your website by enabling social network integration that will allow your website visitors to log in using any social network.

26. Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

A modern market where we can sell electronic products and more.

This is a great WordPress theme for online sales and grocery. Moreover, it will provide one-to-one impacts to make your business better and more popular. On the other hand, you can make edits in a more simple and flexible way to organize and personalize your website. On the other hand, it is very suitable for design, electronics store, vendor-based market places, sales partner websites. Moreover, it comes and comes with many of the advanced features found on the most popular e-commerce websites such as Amazon, flip card, Snapdeal, Walmart, Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc. Market or store owner, this theme is for you.

It is a revolutionary WordPress theme to step into a more professional era in your business.

It features a sophisticated style with sophisticated and popular features. In addition, the theme is built on the subframe frame. The code is lean and extensible. This allows developers to easily add functionality through sub-themes and or custom plug-ins. In addition, you can use this professional product immediately and put great things there. It can be easily installed and imported at the push of a button. Includes multi-currency support, category menu, advanced search, and smart product filters to enhance the user experience. The theme includes social sharing features. allows you to expand your business’s reach and generate more sales.

It has a great design that looks clean and varied. Use this WooCommerce theme to give your audience the best user experience and get the maximum profit for yourself. In addition, it is created by focusing on a more remarkable presentation of your visual content. This theme contains all the functions you need to start an online business. Moreover, with integration with Elementor, you can change this e-Commerce WordPress theme without touching a line of code. Nonetheless, this theme is responsive and mobile-friendly, fast loading, and SEO friendly. All this allows you to create a remarkable website for your online business.

27. Jannah – Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP

Best selling wordpress - Template7

It helps you to be a pioneer in newspaper magazines and many other similar areas.

If you are working in online publishing, blogger, newspaper, magazine, and similar, this theme may be suitable for you. Colorful, dynamic, pioneering, and quality WordPress theme. Jannah takes a new look at the world of desktop publishing in today’s modern content marketing era and is turning away with the integration of the most popular extensions for WordPress for stunning design, new layout options, modern sharing options, and maximum flexibility. In addition, Jannah has a fully responsive design that not only fits into all modern devices of today but also responds to the latest mobile devices for scrollable content.

This sleek design seems to be thinking for you with smart menu features that adapt to the user’s device to ensure that they have the best, hassle-free experience possible while consuming your content.

In addition, it is always a fast, practical, and sophisticated WordPress theme.SEO optimization is a quality and popular theme made. Also, more visitors from Google and BING Search can also receive HTML SEO support, as it is optimized with full support for the super popular Yoast Plugin, so Search engines can receive ranking signals from specific HTML elements as well as SEO Rich Snippet for plugins like Reviews, Ratings, and Photos.

Jannah has made a breakthrough with several advanced developments behind the scenes to provide truly stunning page load speeds and website performance in general. Besides that, the key is a really hot menu with a great site filled with tons of top-notch content. Moreover, a good menu should convince users to wander around, look at other pages, and feel that they always know where they are.

Moreover, your customers, the most appropriate features for your business hosts. In addition, our demos are more than just one volume – more than 20 people from each demo are a fully functional website with Pages, Menu structures, and Demo Content designed to do the hard work of creating your site.

28. Education WordPress Theme | Eduma

Best selling wordpress - Template7

Capture the modern age and make changes to your education system with this theme.

It is a WordPress Education Theme designed for education, education network, college academy, kindergarten, university, courses, lottery teachers. In addition, Elementor page builder, seamless course design, scaling, fast web site. Moreover, the theme gives you the best experience for e-teaching. It also has a form that is fully customizable and has a simple yet elegant look.

You can download updates for free after you receive the product.

In addition, online courses, online exams, extended user profiles, additions, quiz, rating system, seminar, information platform, management, special articles, teacher staff, student staff, and many more add-ons are available. Theme Writers aim to make online learning and training easier for everyone. Plus, it’s easy to use for everyone. In addition, it offers an ideal use for chirping appearance and difference seekers. On the other hand, it is a luxury theme with all the tools and equipment you need to create a small business.

On the other hand, swap update notifications, shortcodes, drag and drop, unlimited color scheme, advanced theme options. Moreover, WooCommerce integration is suitable for daycare and school. On the other hand, so buy the product from Envato Market for an up-to-date and different experience. Also, the training WP theme gives you the best LMS experience ever with its super-friendly UX and complete eLearning features.

29. Ave – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

You will love this website template that thousands of users love.

Creating a surprising website with Ave is now very simple. Also, it is an attractive multipurpose WordPress theme that is handy and user friendly. On the other hand, there are no more complex codes or tedious designs. Creating an attractive and functional site has never been easier. Moreover, open a beautiful store with object-oriented UX, increase your conversion rates, and increase your sales in minutes.

Crafted section templates help you speed up your design process. Import a previously created partition and modify the content. On the other hand, you can save and reuse custom section templates on your pages. In addition, produce stylish pages in an intuitive visual editor, create and customize stunning pages in minutes. Huge collection of items, rich customization options, flexible layouts and you can get instant results.

And don’t compromise on speed and efficiency. Next-generation technologies, optional upload, and adaptable content ensure maximum performance.

Moreover, automatically detects screen size and adjust content accordingly to provide fully responsive and optimized sites. On the other hand, the artificial intelligence support experience, our support team, will get help from artificial intelligence supported suggestions and will make it faster than ever to meet support requests.

Ave is the only theme that uses fixing, fixes any content, mixes with other content, and makes your website more professional than ever. Also, Ave lets you integrate, share, like, and interact with your favorite social media platforms in minutes. On the other hand, there is no limitation in the language. Ave supports ready and optimized RTL languages ​​for your new website. On the other hand, and it offers an amazing WordPress multi-purpose theme experience with many hardware features. This popular, convenient, user-friendly, and elegant design can get you up and running quickly.

30. Travel Booking WordPress Theme

Best selling wordpress - Template7

Announce holiday deals and reservations on your website with its premium features and professional design.

With a modern and creative design, this special theme is suitable for the hotel, apartment, trip, tour, global hotel, resort, hostel, bed, and breakfast industry. Also suitable for any travel and holiday industry. Moreover, you can start and personalize your website easily and reliably. This theme is fun and easy to install and will provide you extra income. Also, it is aimed to provide easy usage with its great features, useful and professional options. In addition, it is a mega WordPress theme that enables changes, improvements, and personalizations with this flexible performance product.

Form Builder can create text fields, drop-down lists, multiple selections, custom fields as required or optional, and create as many fields as you want.

Support Location post type for road location structure by the way. It contains the latitude and longitude of the Google map. In addition, it was checked with multi-language support and the WPML team. This team works directly with WPML and is 100% compliant point-to-point.

On the other hand, booking WordPress theme helps you save time, save money, save face, save everything you can make online booking travel Earnings from affiliate system, fully customizable booking form, flexible online payments, can be synchronized with Google Calendar thanks to automatic notifications and num”eros services You can use. Moreover, plus, keep up to date with 15 pre-made demos and the best-optimized UI, UX, and keep in touch with travel trends around the world. 400+ Flexible options in Theme Options to help you build a Dynamic System. In addition, based on our pre-prepared demo layout, you can define your layout using the many elements you use to make a system. And it offers you a flawless theme experience with many special options.


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