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Now in the age of technology, no one is pointing with his hands and taxi !! shouting he does not stop the taxi. You can call a taxi to your feet within minutes by simply entering the address in your location. On the other hand, if you are in a foreign location and cannot make directions, you can just enter the location and call a taxi thanks to these WordPress themes. Your customers will really love it! Moreover, themes that are mobile compatible are quite exciting. Let’s talk about the features of the themes. You might be interested in this awesome article about Best WordPress Magazine Themes.

The WordPress taxi themes we have listed below can be used not only for taxis but also for rental cars, limousines, private service, and everything about renting a car. They all feature easy installation, reliable, user-friendly, and fully editable features. Even though yellow colors come to mind first when you think of a taxi, you can easily arrange the colors of these themes and evaluate them in a format that suits your taste. Choose the best one for your business and continue your full speed job!

1. SimonTaxi – Taxi Booking WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme created to make your job easier and best

Simon Taxi is a WordPress theme that will suit your stop and take it further. Be ready to add identity to your website. It is a handmade theme specially created for Rental Industry. Work with a flexible page layout that you can add by creating your own plugins. In addition, it is a professional product designed with iconic taxi yellow. Easily editable content works only with drag and drop.

In addition, SimonTaxi shows you the value it gives with colors with HD image quality. The responsive screen also adds a distinctive atmosphere to its visuality, allowing your audience to use your service without any problem from any device. On the other hand, SEO backed and environmentally friendly. Manage your reservations, share your distance pricing, or expand your reach with social media add-ons. It’s the perfect time to use SimonTaxi!

2. GetCab | Online Taxi Service WordPress Theme

Taxi Booking WordPress themes

It is easier for your customers to call a taxi with this theme. One of the Best Taxi Booking WordPress Themes.

GetCab is the best decision for your taxi company, supported by content that can handle taxi reservations with a single click, showing all kinds of routes and pricing. It will decorate your website with rich media and provide users with beautiful experiences. On the other hand, the simplicity and useful design of the homepage entrance is a remarkable element. Address wide segments with the WPML plugin that will increase your customer range.

On the other hand, It is coded to provide easy access to your customers. Compatible with all devices. It is also fully responsive. It supports this sensitive screen with its unique and striking design. We know that your customers are valuable to you. GetCab also knew this, after the trip, it included the comment and rating screen to get your customers’ ideas. In short, this theme is a dress that will fit your website perfectly.

3. Grab Taxi | Online Cab Service WordPress Theme

Clean and flaunt in one

Are you ready to carry a different meaning to the taxi business? A website that will warm them up before your customers’ comfortable journey. An innovative WordPress theme with a yellow, black, and flawless layout. It provides fast and reliable service to its visitors with its fresh and clean design. All you have to do is share your information! Its modern design was supported by a responsive display. The harmony of vibrant colors will make your website look like a single body.

On the other hand, you will increase your customer potential by spreading over a wide area thanks to the developed widgets. At the same time, online taxi orders will be much easier with a single click. The theme is a great choice for your business. Peace of mind. Drag and drop the add-ons you want to change and reach the result in a very short time. Sit back on the road to the destination and enjoy the journey.

4. Limo King – Limousine / Transport / Car Hire

A legendary WordPress theme with yellow and blue versions

WordPress theme built for bus, taxi, or limousine airport shuttle services. Be provocative and eye-catching with blue-colored and media-sized titles! This theme will respond exactly to your website’s requests. It has everything to rent a car. You just have to use it. Create unique pages with the free page builder. Add a design that fits your ideas and put it into service.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know to code to make your designs or customizations. You can also drag and drop and add them to your website. With its support of WooCommerce, which supports its modern design, it takes a step forward. Fully responsive design. Free fonts and stunning colors to reflect your emotions. All of them will suit your website very well.

5. Cars4Rent | Auto Rental & Taxi Booking WordPress Theme

A creative design thought down to the finest details

If you have a car rental company or a competent company in the field of taxis and want to expand it, you are in the right place! The harmony of orange, gray, and light shades is incredibly remarkable, isn’t it? Start working with Cars4Rent, a stylish and elegant car rental WordPress theme. Everything you need to be in a modern online car rental company is now on your website. After a warm welcome page, you are presented with beautiful tabs.

On the other hand, buttons that your customers can reach you with one click, pages where you can display your cars and developed comment boxes to accept questions. It was created using the latest technology and is waiting to be used. Sip your coffee while building your website. You can also easily add your own design ideas. The address of the creative website with vivid colors and stunning effects passes here.

6. AutoRide – Chauffeur Booking WordPress Theme

It is striking with its plain, attractive and orange details

Technology’s latest wonder is AutoRide. It will enable you to reach your target in a short time. The most striking element in its modern design may be the harmony of orange colors with white. Also, the combination of magnificence and simplicity, please everyone. It has all the systems you have in mind, from routes available through online reservations. The fact that it was created with WordPress proves how high quality the theme has. Go on a rapid rise with this theme, which gives your brand the value that suits and allows you to share it with your users.

On the other hand, AutoRide’s successful and up-to-date technology proves how professional you are in your business. Thanks to the great feedback you will receive in a short time, your customer potential will catch a noticeable increase. Moreover, we can say that optimizing SEO is one of the greatest conveniences that it offers you. At the same time, you can be sure that your site has a purposeful image. But what are you still waiting for?

7. TaxiPark – Taxi Cab Service Company WordPress Theme

Visitors to your website will love this design!

The premium WordPress theme TaxiPark, built to suit the expectations of the taxi service company or taxi drivers. In addition to these services, it may also be suitable for car rental and other shipping companies. On the other hand, it becomes very simple to serve with its yellow and dark tone design and understandable homepage, which will attract the attention of your audience. With SEO optimized and fully responsive design.

On the other hand, of course, this makes it look great on all devices. It will take seconds to create your unique page blocks with typography and short-codes added to the theme. You will be able to create a page that you can imagine with the visual composer. Moreover, you will decorate and broadcast it. You will achieve all this in minutes! It improves itself day by day with its periodic updates. It contains experiences that suit you and your company with the luxury service it will provide to its users. Work with TaxiPark before it’s too late!


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