7 Social Media – Premiere Pro Templates for YouTube and Instagam Videos 2020


Best 7 Social Media Premiere Pro Video Templates

We listed the top 7 best social media video templates for Premiere Pro 2020 created by the most talented creators in the world. First of all, social media is the field we use and get the most from the internet today. And, many people use it to spend fun, productive and enjoyable time on social media. Moreover, the vast majority of this large social network is material. Moreover, income and business will be using. You can benefit from Envato products in this article if you want to increase your audience, user and interaction audience. In addition, you can get flashy and remarkable opening entries.

Advantages of using a professional video template on Social Media.
  • Get more Views with Great Looking Videos
  • Get more Income by getting viewed
  • Easy to use templates
  • Low prices

You can have fun with Instagram, youtube and many other social areas. There are also 7 custom and different templates, each with different styles, fully customizable in Adobe Premiere Pro. Whether we want to make a small YouTube reel or a clip. Also, we want to add to one of our movies, maybe we just want to experiment with creating movies from scratch. If our plan is to use and publish the images we create, we should always look at the free shooting options.

Professionally designed premiere pro template with 7 different styles.

Most of the time it will mean that your video will be quickly removed from online sources and we should feel that we are wasting our time. However, many products for Premiere also have animated text placement. If it’s not enough to get you started, a unique social media icon animation is available that you can drag and drop to your social shares. There is also a toolkit with a variety of colorful backgrounds and Illustrator files.

You can edit all the products yourself and create your own video in a very simple format. Add your logo, images, text, and titles to the selected fields. User-friendly and completely flexible, you can use these products in a professional way. Your customers, visitors, your audience, your subscribers are very attractive and special appearances. Plus, start using these professional Premiere Pro templates to make video marketing for an impressive event. And fashion gallery, clothing catalog, social media, TV, outdoor advertising or an email campaign, entertainment YouTube or website opener.

How to create professional YouTube Videos and Instagram Stories? Template7 Tips.

Time needed: 2 hours.

If you want to create professional videos with less effort and for a small price, here is how you can do it using Premiere Pro Templates.

  1. Install Premiere Pro

    The most common Adobe software to create awesome videos and animations.

  2. Purchase (or free download) Premiere Pro Templates

    Try to search Google for “Premiere Pro Templates” and get any one of them that related to your topic. Also, you can read our blog post for Best Premiere Pro Templates 2020.

  3. Customize the Template

    Edit Information, Images, and Texts on the template that you downloaded.

  4. Export & Publish your Video

    Export your video for the platform which you want to stream on. And, you have an awesomely unique and professional video that ready to publish to social media.

1. Instagram Stories | For Premiere Pro

Get your professional video with this simple and creative template.

This product, which is up-to-date and useful, attracts attention with its simplicity and usage style. However, it is a blog theme and is very suitable for personal, food, travel, fashion, corporate or any other amazing blog. On the other hand, creating your website has never been so simple and easy. Plus, start using your product immediately in minutes, quickly and practically.

What you need to do is very simple, add your visuals, create wonders with drag and drop operations. On the other hand, add fonts suitable for professional use, and add an aesthetic understanding while personalizing your look.  Also, this popular product serves over 20,000+ users. Create your pro-business with this free WordPress theme.

Demo & Download(527)

2. Minimal & Clean Slideshow

Minimal & Clean Slideshow-Template7

Energy and layout with pro and premium options.

This is a minimal and clean slideshow adobe Premiere Pro Template. Besides, creative style and easy to customize elements on this great video design for your social media accounts, such as Instagram Stories, Youtube Videos, and Facebook Videos. This content has premium features exactly for your needs.

Demo & Download(527)

3. Kids Youtube Package | For Pr

Kids Youtube Package | For Pr-template7

This is a modern template specially designed for children.

Children’s content should always be more specific and understandable. This custom-made design is completely child-friendly. In addition, it includes 20 funny animals, brushes, strokes with unique animations that you can add to your videos! 5 openers, 9 headers, 11 lower thirds, 15 passes, 5 info bars, and 8 other shots. Colorful, fun and remarkable. On the other hand, get this perfect youtube channel template for kids right away in no time.

Demo & Download(213)

4. Modern Infographics .mogrt

Modern Infographics .mogrt-Template7

Page layout and softness of colors allow you to create a highly attractive video.

You will love this product, which is the perfect choice for those looking for up-to-date, exclusive and brilliant ideas. Vertical graphics, speed charts, elements, text, headlines, and many options are a great product. On the other hand, it boasts a dynamic appearance. Free fonts are flawless with features that require plug-ins. Create your website in a flawless and completely free way with many different features that aim to make your work easier. Also, dark, black areas and green details stand out with remarkable and simplicity.

Demo & Download(401)

5. Auto Resize Social Media Graphics Pack

Auto Resize Social Media Graphics Pack-Template7

A handy and exciting template with vivid and fresh look.

A cool opening and transition template is quite remarkable. If you are in favor of simplicity and modernity, you will love this product. On the other hand, we strongly recommend a template with advanced features and performance. A great way to promote your new products. You can place your video on Facebook, Youtube or other social networks. Moreover, download this project now and impress your audience with this bright and dynamic animated Premiere Pro template. Minimal and Clean Slideshow is a high quality, well organized and easy custom template. The project includes a video tutorial.

Demo & Download(256)

6. Instagram Stories Stomp

Instagram Stories Stomp-Template7

Professional design with soft and colorful style.

If you are an active instagram user or you have a store via Instagram, this story template is a very practical option for you if you are selling. Also, the folder structure of this package is fully synchronized with Motion Factory. In addition, start by adding your own titles, images and texts. Then use this flexible product with details and special options to personalize and differentiate.

Demo & Download(568)

7. Colorful Opener

Colorful Opener-Template7

A very high-quality product with aesthetic and eye-catching appearance.

It is an optimistic and vibrant, energetic premiere pro template. On the other hand, nevertheless, the Premiere Pro template to make an impressive event promo, fashion gallery, clothing catalog, social media, TV, outdoor advertising or video marketing promo for an email campaign, entertainment YouTube or website opener. On the other hand, we draw and animate a drop, wave, flow vortices, water, and amoeba splashes and use clean blue, watery yellow, dark red color tones painted with a colored palette.

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