Most Popular 7+ Decorative Vector Templates

DECORATIVE VECTOR TEMPLATESPremium Quality - Retro Badges Vectors-Template7
Premium Quality - Retro Badges Vectors-Template7
7 carefully selected, most popular decorative vector templates 2019

We have compiled 7 stylish decorative vector templates that you can use for your corporate, commercial, corporate or personal business. These themes can be used in greeting cards, wedding invitations, certificates, badges and labels, frames, border decorations and many other similar areas that you can think of. Vectors can be edited in all themes.

These decorative vector templates can attract your attention if you want to differentiate your designs, add visuality and a different atmosphere to your work. On the other hand, there is no restricted use. According to your imagination has a creation suitable for use in the desired place, flexible and comfortable. We’re sure you’ll like these designs, read below to browse and click on your favorite themes, links and buy the product from Envato. Pleasant readings.

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1. Hi-Tech Interface Builder Pack


It is a great and useful design vector.

If you are looking for creative and aesthetic vectors, this theme can be for you. It is a theme with 10 photoshop layer styles, easy customization, editable text, 10 brushes, 11 illustrator process, 100% vector drawing and much more. Also in this theme, 555+ vector object content, all vectors are designed to be able to play here and on them. You can do great things by removing this theme. Depending on the links in the water, you can review the product details or make your purchase.



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2. Premium Quality – Retro Badges Vectors

Premium Quality - Retro Badges Vectors-Template7

It is a super vector theme with cool and vintage style.

It is a theme that creates the most creative and loved badges. This one of the best decorative vector templates also features 12 unique and creative fonts. Moreover, it is so flexible that it is designed to be used in any area and place you want. With this theme, you can make your work or assignments more attractive and exciting. All graphics are saved in Illustrator AI, EPS, and Photoshop PSD; each file is well organized with layers, perfectly aligned, and extremely easy to customize (each detail is made from a vector layer for AI and EPS or a shape layer for PSD).



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3. World Map – Dots + Squares

World Map - Dots + Squares-Template7

professional and awesome map vector theme – Decorative Vector Templates

This great theme is a great theme that allows you to experience different experiences like no other. This theme is very flexible and useful, giving you support in a way that suits your business. The graphic can be imported into Flash as a native vector Flash image, and then interaction can be added to groups or individual points.

It contains 4 different resolutions, it has super high resolution. In addition, all graphics are beautifully designed in the highest direction. All vectors are editable and interchangeable. Using a small note, Illustrator, you can easily change the dimensions of all circles and squares by adding a stroke.



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4. Character & Monster Creation Kit – Create us

DECORATIVE VECTOR TEMPLATES - Character & Monster Creation Kit – Create us-Template7

Colorful, fun and cute theme content.

This wonderful theme will give you pleasure. With a new and up-to-date design, this theme offers you thousands of monster sets, a mega theme with more than 72,316 variations! Thousands of colors and allows you to create the monster you want. You can even create alien characters. Additionally, this cute design is one of the best decorative vector templates.

On the other hand, it also includes PNG pages of all elements/characters, use the easy-to-use Symbol libraries in Illustrator. It is very easy to change the color of the selected shape, Create some characters or monsters. Get this wonderful and colorful theme from Envato.



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5.Premium Calligraphic Design Set


A fabulous theme with creative and aesthetic style.

A pleasant calligraphic set created in an elegant style. This theme, which contains 70 different and unique calligraphic ornaments, is designed to suit greeting cards, diplomas, commercial, wedding invitations, certificates, frames, border ornaments, badges, packaging ornaments, and many other details. Enjoy a fun and simple ema experience with this flexible and easy-to-use theme. To have this great theme, click on the link and ship it for 10 USD.



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6. Calligraphic Design Elements and Page Decoration

Calligraphic Design Elements and Page Decoration-Template7

aesthetic, elegant and dazzling theme with great equipment.

It is effective, creative and has a different design and has a vision for all your works. It has an aesthetic and magnificent design. Made in a very elegant, quality and professional style, it is minimal and harmonious. You can also take advantage of this theme for weddings, diplomas, certificates, festivities, documents, envelopes and many other events and areas. It aims to offer you a pleasant theme experience with its magnificent beauty that you can use in all your works.



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7. 24 Decorative Vector Templates

24 Clean and Modern Badges-Template7

Minimal vector design with 24 different, simple badge designs

A legendary badge vector with efficient and impressive equipment endeavored and professionally designed. With 24 different style badge designs, you can easily use these vectors in any area. Also, it is very flexible, you can change and color vector products as you like. With unique content, this vector is available in 24 different style designs for Clean and Modern Badges and can be used for any use in your logos or other works. On the other hand, 24 Style Badges Designs – Full Badges in EPS – Created with CorelDraw.



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