Most Current Blog and influencer WordPress Themes 2020

Start reviewing 7 perfect WordPress themes designed for blog and influencers now! Building a stunning and modern website has never been easier.

We have compiled WordPress themes for all current blogs and influencers and those interested in similar jobs. You can check out the impressive and new products here and get the product you find right for yourself with a click. If you’re a blogger, your work is closely related to visuality, so we offer a lot of interesting and colorful Blog and influencer WordPress themes for you. Besides, for those who love simplicity, I strongly recommend Alinan and Maxima WordPress themes. On the other hand, if you are looking for a stylish and modern style, I’d say take a look at the Pinecone, Brookside themes. Besides, if you’re dealing with vlogs and video footage, I would suggest a great WordPress theme for you.

Clean, modern, creative, and elegant design for the freelancer, agency, photographer, cameraman, camera operator, or studio, perfect for creative professionals. Social services icons, Google maps, as well as Instagram and Twitter plug-ins, and custom widgets are available, contacts and projects with the latest portfolio work, and is suitable for many jobs. In addition to all these, these 7 themes are interesting and special products that perform very flexible. They are stylish, simple, elegant, flat, and will serve you in many areas and conditions. Quickly check out these WordPress themes that don’t require coding or any other skills without wasting time. Besides, you can visit the details of the product by clicking the button under the products you like and you can download your downloads via Envato Elements in a very short time.

1. Alinan – Personal Blog / Vlog WordPress Theme

Alinan - Personal Blog / Vlog WordPress Theme template7

In this theme, you can find every feature you are looking for in a blog theme.

If you like simplicity and want a regular Blog and influencer WordPress theme, this product will catch your attention. On the other hand, it is attractive, tidy, clean, and quite stylish. In addition, it is a theme with many elements to keep in mind for your visitors. Moreover, it has a very popular design that will increase your viral traffic. Adjustments have been made for SEO optimization and speed. On the other hand, I have great news that the advanced features of this product have an unlimited color selection. You can edit your WordPress theme as you like and please your users.

2. FlatNews – Responsive Magazine WordPress Theme

FlatNews – Responsive Magazine WordPress Theme-Template7

It is a stylish theme with flexible and user-friendly performance.

A flexible Blog and influencer WordPress theme. It has a very professional and flat design. With this flexible performance product, you can perform your personalization process in a very simple way. FlatNews is fully responsive and supports page builder, so you can drag and drop to create your own home design. In addition to all this, Seo autism provides an enjoyable theme experience that provides professional design, user-friendliness, and 100% customer satisfaction. On the other hand, to all of this, it is a product that combines glamorous and ideal features. With this product you can preview the life, you can take advantage of comment systems.

3. Maxima – Minimal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Maxima - Minimal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme-Template7

If minimal products catch your attention, you should check out this great WordPress theme.

It is designed with an incredibly simple and clear appearance. Eye-catching and quite clean. Ideally designed for those who want to do their job completed professionally with many features. In addition to this, you’ll have a magnificent Blog and influencer WordPress theme with language support, custom logo support, translation, color change, easy editing, and clean design. Moreover, get attention to this flawless product and increase your viral. You can have this product by clicking the link below

4. Videoly – Video WordPress Theme

Videoly - Video WordPress Theme-Template7

Get a quick and practical video blog experience.

If you have a youtube channel, interested in blogger jobs, and are shooting videos, if you’re editing this theme will come in handy for you. On the other hand, it is a modern product with very special and useful templates. In addition, it offers you more than 16 thematic templates. Besides, it has a ready retina, Google font, blog layout. In addition, a stylish and tasteful blog layout with different blogs post formats such as images, sliders, galleries, videos, and quotes. Now you can fall completely in love with your own website. Plus, you can get set up quickly and start doing your job right away. installation.

5. PineCone – Creative Portfolio and Blog for Agency

PineCone - Creative Portfolio and Blog for Agency -Template7

A comfortable WordPress theme with simple and conspicuous visuals.

Soft and light colors with a very calm appearance of the blog is a WordPress theme. Besides, it is a showy and effective product. On the other hand, if you always want to do your job in the best and practical way, we recommend you to take a look at this product. However, you can easily customize any page you want with your own categories and custom settings, images, titles, colors, fonts. Change your logo and link color primary color, favicon, and grid style. Three column styles 3, 4, and full width with endless loading, filtering, and many useful features. There are many tools available to create your project presentations.

6. Vloma Grid – Blog / Magazine Video WordPress Theme

Vloma Grid - Blog / Magazine Video WordPress Theme -Template7

A stylish WordPress theme that will give you a comfortable and simple usage with its colors and flexible usage conditions.

It is a very colorful, dynamic, and flashy theme. On the other hand, it offers you many interesting options to use. Moreover, it is a great theme that contains all the features you need for a blog. On the other hand, it has 6 custom widgets, easy installation, unlimited colors, ad sizes, and many other features. Moreover, Vloma Grid is a beautifully designed Blog, Magazine WordPress Theme that is attractively built, suitable for placement on several different websites, but especially suitable for personal bloggers.

7. Brookside – Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Brookside - Personal WordPress Blog Theme -Template7

A user-friendly and high-performance theme that you can safely use.

Brookside is a great platform for blogging and sharing your posts with the masses. It is an effective WordPress theme that brings simplicity and simplicity together. Nevertheless, the Brookside blog theme makes it an ideal WordPress template for almost any blog type, with polished and beautifully balanced pages. Moreover, the Brookside theme is ready to use with WordPress version 5.0+ and fully compatible with the Gutenberg content editor. In addition, it has a highly responsive, unlimited display bar, revolution slider, and many impressive features.


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