+17 Modern Google Slides Templates – Presentation Designs 2019

Carefully selected 17 newest google slides 2019

In this article, we have compiled 17 Google Slides Presentation Templates which are new, different, fun, equipped and professional. The products are incredibly up-to-date and have a very attractive style. On the other hand, they appeal to different aspects, different sectors, fields, people, and jobs. You can also purchase all selected iron from Envato Elements.

Besides, they are easy to use, flexible, creative and great products with large and effective user panels that allow you to personalize them. Besides, Fashion Lookbook Professional Google Slide Template and beautiful creative presentation design. Perfect for General Presentations, Personal Portfolios, Portfolio Designers, Illustrator Portfolios, Photographer Portfolios and more. 

All products give you many possibilities to customize to your needs and to change images and text. Also, you will find the product that reflects yourself from the designs below, and you should take a look at these attentive and magnificent products. In addition to these, you can get additional information, visuals, and detailed information by clicking on the links we have created for you. On the other hand, you can visit Envato and get a great product you like very quickly, in a practical way. Get a stunning, well-equipped and creative Google Slide design in no time and be ready to surprise everyone.

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1. Sweettart – Google Slides

Sweettart - Google Slide Template7

A great design with a sweet and highly minimalized interpretation.

It is a remarkable Google slide with minimal and elegant design. On the other hand, it is modern, user-friendly and equipped. In addition, the perfect presentation for you, in a great design where you can improve your product, your activity, your portfolio.
In addition, 50 great Hi res slides, easy editability, many types of layout and text, all elements are editable and resizable, and it’s a professional and astonishing product with amazing features beyond your mind. You can use all the features, add your own personal settings.
Besides, you can download and start using this brilliant product that is specially designed for your needs.



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2. Quore : Vector Infographic Business Google Slides


special, different and simple slide design.

If you want to have a professional product in no time, this product is for you.
However, it is useful to start with a presentation template. It saves time, provides good visual design and means you can spend your time and attention on the content of your presentation first. On the other hand, if you want a different and special design, you can count on this great Google Slide and do your job. In addition, they are much faster than trying to design a deck. In addition, starting with a template means that you can spend your time and attention on the content of your presentation, while the visual style is already designed to be interesting. On the other hand, 50+ unique editable slides and 2 color themes and many features with you.



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3. Balen Google Slides Presentation templates

Balen Google Slides-Template7

simple, class and exquisite design with a magnificent effect.

It is an impressive product with its eye-catching features. Besides, you can have a professional google slide with this product in a very simple, easy, short time without wasting extra. However, you can be proud of what you do and easily win everyone’s appreciation. On the other hand, try out this new and up-to-date product that has proven its reliability right away and have an impressive eye-catching slide.
Click on the link below to discover additional information and features. In addition, you can have the product immediately from there in a simple way.



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4.Bentoro Google Slides

Bentoro Google Slides -Template7

A positive effective slide design with a dynamic and vibrant appearance.

It is a product that will surprise you and your audience with the feature that you will use to customize and differentiate it. On the other hand, it is colorful, minimal, simple and flashy product design. Besides these, sumptuous slides are clean, scalable, colorful and multi-purpose. Suitable for Business, Pitch Deck, E-commerce or Product promotion purposes.
In addition, there are 30+ spectacular and impressive slides, 25 icon slides ready for immediate use, hundreds of stylish and distinctive vector illustrations. Whatever your business, it is possible to be eye-catching with this unique product.



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5. Oranges – Google Slides Presentation Template

Oranges - Google Slides Template7

An amazing google slide with many features ready and a 150+ total slide.

Sit back and watch what this product does. You will not be able to believe what you can do with this Google slide templates. On the other hand, the Oranges – Google Slides Presentation Templates is the perfect template for business or personal needs with multi-purpose presentations. All elements in this template are made with Google Slides and have been created for your unique work.
Plus, edit with Google Slides, add your content, place your images in placeholders, change colors, and make all presentations, including animated slides, and get your slides ready to serve to your business partners.
In addition, it is an impressive product that is very simple and short-lived.



Template7 Rating:

6. Source – Google Slides Template

Source - Google Slides Template7

It is a product that will attract your attention with its simple, elegant and different style.

It has a sleek and stylish appearance with many features equipped with excellent pixel drawings. On the other hand, its simplicity and clean appearance make it easy to detect and has a catchy design.

In addition, there are 5 color variations, all graphics resizable and editable, master slides, 30 slides for each spectacular template.
It is also equipped with many professional features, contrary to the aforementioned features.



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7. Silloi Google Slides Template

Silloi Google Slide-Template7

Satisfied by 23.000+ Customers, Unique Creative WordPress Themes

This product will help you if you want to do a professional job and do not want to waste much time and want to slide quickly.
On the other hand, it provides you 100% satisfaction with its magnificent and amazing features.
Also, a clean professional presentation template, Created just for you and you can use this template for many things like business presentation: business, portfolio, corporate, branding, advertising and also project work, can be used for lookbook. company profile and more.
Finally, click on the link below to get this product now and have a memorable Google slide.



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8. Casatoria – Wedding Google Slides Template

Casatoria - Wedding Google Slides Template7

In this special product, everything you’re looking for is compiled in one place.

You will love this sweet and aesthetically designed slide design.
Also, it is designed remarkably and interestingly. Besides, this handy and inventive product is a beautiful and feminine theme presentation, wedding organizer, jewelry, cosmetics and so on. On the other hand, it is an invaluable product for your weddings and organizations.
You can always be a pioneer thanks to this design that you can use in every field appropriately and effectively. It also has many layout features. Covers, section breaks, image editing, contact, thanks to the page, meet the team and many additional pages are also available.



Template7 Rating:

9. Mayion – Google Slides Template

Mayion - Google Slides Template7

a cool, thoughtfully thought-out creative design.

It is a glamorous slide with a simple and aesthetic understanding. On the other hand, it is a minimalist, creative, unique presentation template for commercial business or personal use, creative industry, business and more. In addition, you can use every feature and create great personalized presentations. On the other hand, if you are looking for a unique, distinctive design with a Professional presentation, you can start using it right away. Click on the link below and visit Envato to purchase this unique and creative product.



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10. Xolea : Photography Business Profile Google Slides

Xolea - Photography Business Profile Google Slides-Template7

Try this product which will attract attention and attention.

If you do not want to spend time and hard work with this product you can prepare your presentation in a practical and fun way. On the other hand, you will be free from the annoying and challenging design process.
Besides, items that are changed when working with a presentation template use only colors, typography, copies, and for example photos and many items, add them and create a completely personal and efficient slide.
However, its stylish and simple style will make you look very strong and cool.
Also, try and get this product with 100 slides in total, color-changing options, and many features.



Template7 Rating:

11. Roi – Google Slides Presentation template

Roi - Google SlidesTemplate7

It is a clean product, dominating clear and calm tones.

Yes, meet Rio, this wonderful product that looks smooth and dynamic will keep an eye on you.
On the other hand, just focus on your work and present your great presentation. Making an opening speech has to be quite difficult and impressive. We recommend this product for you, it is completely ready and useful. On the other hand, all you have to do is prepare yourself and visuals. It is also a legendary product with 50 flashy Hi res slides and master slides.
Everything will be clean after a few clicks and drag and drop. Besides, you can now confidently present your business with yourself and your presentation.



Template7 Rating:

12. Flourisha – Florist Google Slides Template

Flourisha - Florist Google Slides Template7

flowers, women, nature, beauty and is a design suitable for many similar areas.

With its colorful and cheerful design, make sure you will have a fun experience and 100% satisfaction. On the other hand, this is a Beautiful and Feminine Theme Presentation for Google Slides, Wedding Organizer, Yoga, Cosmetics and so on. and you can use it in many areas.
Besides, it has very useful and simple features. It is an equipped and up-to-date product that can be used by everyone and every women’s sector. In addition to all these, 12 unique files will be dazzled by the special scale of dark and light tones, large and standard display features and many other features.



Template7 Rating:

13. Gamveng Google Slides

Gamveng Google Slides -Template7

a great Google slide you can use in all areas of the business world.

It is a simple, cool, effective and serious looking product designed for business people.
However, it is a design that will make you 100% satisfied and amazed by 30 slides, 25 great icons, hundreds of open vectors and many features and additional settings. On the other hand, if you want to impress everyone with a pioneering and leading look, you can turn to this product without thinking. All this, as well as the searcher Slides. Clean, scalable, colorful and multi-purpose. Suitable for Business, Pitch Deck, E-commerce or Product promotion purposes. Finally, you can get this legendary product very quickly by clicking once on the link below.



Template7 Rating:

14. VEDORA – Creative Google Slides Template

VEDORA - Creative Google Slides Template7

a design that makes sure that everyone and you will catch your attention with its features that will make a difference.

With its pioneering, colorful, impressive and distinctive design, it is a feature that will enable you to make a difference. However, you can use this product which is creative and splendid in many areas. It can also be used for Personal Purposes like agency, studio, startup, organization, corporation, projects, pitch deck, creative, art, company, corporate, pop art, product.
In addition, you can personalize this product and make it a legendary portfolio.
Start using this product right away and do great things.
On the other hand, give a vibrant and dynamic presentation that will impress everyone.



Template7 Rating:

15. KAISER – Company Profile Google Slides Template

KAISER - Company Profile Google Slides Template7

a great Google slides Presentation template designed to suit every style, easy to use and great.

If you have a presentation design that you plan, don’t get tired and don’t waste time.
On the other, there is a ready-made product, equipped with excellent features.
With this product you can prepare your presentation very quickly and practically using many features. It is also a business plan presentation for organizations, portfolios, projects, startup, company, corporate, business, agency, studio, organization and many other areas and can be used for personal purposes.
In addition, you will have a pioneering presentation with a professional touch.
Also, get detailed information via the link immediately and have this product immediately.



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16. Vertical Dark – Creative Google Slides

Vertical Dark - Creative Google Slides-Template7

aesthetic understanding is high, flashy and designed in such a simple structure.

It is an aesthetic product designed by professional designers.
However, it is a simple and great looking product that will make your work quite easy.
It is also Google Slide Template and beautiful creative presentation design. Perfect for General Presentations, Personal Portfolios, Official Presentations, Creative Representatives, Portfolio Designers, Illustrator Portfolios, Photographer Portfolios and more.
Moreover, it is as easy as changing images and text, customizing it to suit your needs.



Template7 Rating:

17. Jasmine Dark Lookbook – Fashion Google Slides

Jasmine Dark Lookbook - Fashion Google Slides-Template7

Get ready to shine with its dynamic and groundbreaking design.

If you are interested in the fashion sector, this product may attract your attention.
On the other hand, you can use this flawless product in official presentations, creative representatives, portfolio designers, illustrator portfolios, photographer portfolios, and many other similar areas. On the other hand, you can test this product immediately, which can be edited, personalizations can be made. Plus, set up fast, practical and fun, and get ready to surprise everyone.



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