Best 7 HTML Sports Themes for E-Sports, Football, Basketball and Baseball Teams

Alchemists - HTML Sports Theme, eSports -Template7
Alchemists - Sports, eSports -Template7
7 best and newest creative, HTML E-sports & sports themes.

We have compiled the best HTML Sports Themes that cater to football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, horse riding, tennis and many other sports. Furthermore, this themes are easy to install and are the latest and best designs in the industry. With eye-catching and bold designs, your eyes will be on you and you will receive positive feedback.

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1. Pixel Diamond – HTML eSports & Gaming Magazine & Community

Pixel Diamond - HTML Sports Theme & Gaming-Template7

It is a remarkable and innovative HTML theme.

Pixel Diamond is an e-Sports and game magazine HTML Sports theme with 288+ and more HTML elements. It is a site where you can easily personalize and offers a subjective experience with many customizable features. You can also find widgets, SVG icons and much more in this theme. Finally, this product has all the features you need for a game, e-sport magazine. You can buy it from Envato Market for 26USD.


4 .00


2. Sports Cup, Soccer & Sporting Html Theme with Bootstrap 4 + Page Builder

Sports Cup, Soccer & Sporting Html -Template7

Simple and remarkable, Professional sports HTML theme.

Sports Cup is a professional HTML Sports Theme with rich content, clear design, customizable and highly creative layout. Also, it comes with over 29+ HTML pages, over 60+ interface blocks and tons of color scales to customize. You can do everything very quickly with clicks and drag and drop methods. In addition, you are able to edit text, create custom sports and news templates. Finally, if you want to have this unique and interesting theme, just click on the link down below.



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3. RSSports – Soccer & Football Club HTML Template

RSSports - Soccer & Football-Template7 - HTML Sport Theme

It is a theme that attracts attention with its easy installation and usage.

RSSports is a modernized, responsive, creative football and soccer club HTML Sports theme. It is suitable not only for football but also for different branches. In addition, it works fully compatible on smartphone, iPad, android and computers. So, you can design this high quality website in a way that suits your own ideas and creativity. Easy to use, easy to install with a focus on customer satisfaction, you can buy from Envato.



Template 7:

4. Kickoff Sports Html Theme

Kickoff Sports Html Theme


Kickoff is a creative theme for those who are not content with ordinary things. It has unique features built for leagues, football clubs, teams, players. Blog, team, players, analysis and details are also included in this theme. Also, this theme has many features for personalization. For example, fonts and fonts, large color panel, custom profile for gamers and much more.



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5. Athlete – Fitness, Gym and Sport HTML template

Athlete - Fitness, Gym and Sport -Template7 - HTML Sports Theme

It is a minimal, dynamic and different HTML theme.

Athlete is a contemporary, innovative, responsive HTML Sports theme with a different style. It has very advanced customization tools. It is remarkable for customers and visitors because it has a great design. Click on the link for the demo of the website, you can buy this theme, just for 19USD from Envato Marketplace.



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6. Sport.AK — Soccer Club and Sport HTML Template

Sport.AK — Soccer-Template7

A cleverly designed HTML theme

Sport.AK is a theme designed to be used in every sport content you can think of. In addition, this wonderful HTML Sports Theme offers online shopping for extreme sports, equestrian sports accessories and sportswear. So, one goal of this web site design is to keep it in mind and give visitors the impression of a powerful and great site. You can also use this theme for football clubs, water polo, ice hockey, baseball, rugby, basketball, volleyball, handball and a lot of fields.



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7. Alchemists – Sports, eSports & Gaming Club and News HTML Template

Alchemists - HTML Sports Theme, eSports -Template7

Design a website that is remarkable, creative, sophisticated and ready to move you forward.

Alchemists is a legendary HTML Sports theme with 171 HTML files. Templates include color palettes, font combinations, all statistics related to American football, changing and creating color codes via Quaterback, and widgets also have the results of small and large versions. It’s easy to have this theme, just click on the image and visit Envato.



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