7+ Best Hotel and Accommodation WordPress Themes 2019

7 useful and carefully selected, hotel and accommodation themes 2019

If you are interested in a hotel, a resort, a spa, a rental room, or something like this, these WordPress Hotel Themes may attract your attention. We have compiled 7 different hotels and accommodation themes. These themes are the most rated and highlighted themes on Envato. It is highly acclaimed by its users and is easy to use. You can review these themes below, you can click the link to get detailed information. Just visit Envato for the purchase. Finally, don’t forget to check these awesome WordPress Themes for Freelancers.

1.Hotel Marina – Hotel Resort WordPress

Hotel Marina - Hotel Resort WordPress-Template7

It is a privileged theme with a clean and successful design.

It is a unique theme that allows you to carefully and pleasantly display all accommodation and hotel rooms. Also, it is a theme that provides online support and many conveniences with the hotel owner and booking forum.
On the other hand, this theme has an innovative and equipped design.
It has many replaceable features. Click on the image for product details and demos.

2. Leisure – Hotel, Resort & Spa HTML Template

Leisure - Hotel, Resort & Spa HTML Template-Template7

It is a great theme that allows easy and quick use and installation.

A unique HTML Template created by the work of an experienced and professional team. It is an active theme designed to suit golf clubs, football and tennis centers, recreational pools and spa centers, resorts, and other similar activities. On the other hand, it is also suitable for entertainment-related Web sites. Furthermore, this theme has a very flexible and editable content.

3. Mount Resort | Hotel, Resort WordPress Theme

Mount Resort | Hotel, Resort WordPress Theme-Template7

Innovative and minimal design offers a stylish theme experience.

This is a unique Hotel WordPress theme for the resort, room, hotel, breakfast, ski resort, room rental, and many more. You can build your site using simple methods, you can easily use it with drag and drop methods. This theme, which has many add-ons and qualities, is among the popular and highly acclaimed themes. Click on the link to read the details of this unique theme and buy it to have it.

4. Vierra – Hotel, Resort, Inn & Booking WordPress Theme

Vierra - Hotel, Resort, Inn & Booking WordPress Theme-Template7

Thanks to its easy and flexible usage, it has an effective feature.

Vierra is designed for beginners or those who do not have coding skills and have a simple operation. It provides quick and easy use with special writing rooms, booking forms, and many add-ons. On the other hand, 500+ fonts, a theme options panel, 7 slider plug-ins, integrations, and a lot of support will give you an advanced theme, website experience.

5. Anchor Inn – Hotel and Resort Theme

Anchor Inn - Hotel and Resort Theme-Template7

It is a creative theme with a sleek and glamorous visuality.

Anchor aims to give you a unique theme experience with its innovative and different presentation. Highly popular and guaranteed customer satisfaction, this theme features unlimited color schemes, responsive layout, ready-to-translate, video dump, and many add-ons. On the other hand, it is a theme optimized for all tablets, desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android systems. Click on the link to experience this great theme.

6. Hotel Xenia – Resort & Booking WordPress Theme


It is a sophisticated WordPress theme with effective and pioneering design.

This exclusive theme with a modern and Creative design is suitable for the hotel, apartment, global hotel, resort, hostel, bed, and breakfast industry. It is also suitable for any travel and holiday industry. You can easily and reliably start using your Web site and personalize it. This theme is fun and easy to install and will give you extra income.

7. Paradise – Hotel & Resort Responsive WordPress Theme

Paradise - Hotel & Resort -Template7

A professional WordPress theme with a handy and innovative design.

The hotel is a flashy theme designed to provide services that are a form of precision for sectors such as resorts, villas, pools, spa, room rentals, apartments, hostels. You will love this theme that provides many widgets, sliders, homepage, online services. Thanks to this high-performance theme, you will earn revenue in terms of cash and your customer base will increase. On the other hand, you can install this theme in a short time and start using it.


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