Free keynote Presentation Template – Simple & Multipurpose


Free keynote presentation template – simple & multipurpose

Keynote presentation template that is versatile and convenient to use in all areas. This map presentation template comes with 2 different colors, special transitions, simple and understandable presentation. On the other hand, it is a simple Keynote free presentation design with a flexible structure that allows customization. Besides, creating a fully professional set up, useful and quality presentation aims to meet all your needs simply. Besides, visuals, text, icons, and graphics all have a format suitable for sizing. 

On the other hand, black, gray, dark pink tones and revitalized is a pleasant presentation. Besides, it has editable graphics and many features with different appearances. It is also created in a very simple way for your business. The interior is a harmonious combination of functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. Considering the use of comfortable items and the choice of interior colors, shapes, textures, it is very flexible for you to place everything you can think of about presentation and appropriately. 

File Type: .KEYKeynote Logo
Number of Slides:  26 Slides
Aspect Ratio:  Widescreen 16:9
Size: 5.03 MB



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Also, if you need to easily distinguish details or edit it to make it easier to understand, you can edit each data in each table or table to classify each entered data. Besides, it is the most modest and simple free presentation design you can have for any businessman who wants a simple template where they can enter any data they need to present professionally. With its image editor and 26 handy slides, it’s a great way to convey what you want to see to your audience impressively.

  • 26 Creative Keynote Slides Design
  • Free Fonts Used (Lato Free Google Font)
  • Icons and free Infographics
  • 100% Editable Shapes
  • Color and dark color to choose.


Free Keynote Slides of This Template


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