Best 7 Photography WordPress Theme 2021

7 photographers and portfolio WordPress theme with stylish and fun designs are with you! Browse and start exploring.

Photography is becoming popular nowadays. almost all devices in the hands of people can take pictures. On the other hand, sometimes social media is not enough to publish and share these photos. If you have a profession in the name of photography, you can reach the right audience on your website.

We have selected and edited the 7 most popular WordPress themes on the Internet for you. On the other hand, all themes stand out with their special features. With this list of the best themes, you can reach your website’s unique look. By uploading your photos, you can store them in the virtual world forever. You can also visit our site to get the best of all the WordPress themes you need. Finally, check this post out about Top 7 Photographer & Creative WordPress Themes

1. Vernissage – Photography WordPress Theme

Vernissage - Photography WordPress Theme - Template7

Photo, Responsive, Gallery, Creative

Vernissage is a responsive photo WordPress theme that best suits your photography portfolio. Moreover, the theme can be completely personalized. Also comes with predefined color styles. It is improving itself with periodic updates. The theme includes 12 different gallery layouts to show your photos and project. But you can create an unlimited photo gallery using different layouts. The theme has retinal technology. It is very easy to use and the layout is simple.  Also has add-ons to meet all your needs for photography.

2. Bokeh – Photography Portfolio Theme for WordPress

Bokeh - Photography Portfolio Theme-Template7

Portfolio, Gallery, FullScreen, Dynamic, WordPress

Bokeh; is a WordPress theme created for photography, portfolio, gallery sites. On the other hand, this theme is easy to use. Page layouts are very simple and impressive. Also, comes with a slider in the category, making it faster and more aesthetic. This theme customizable add-ons. It is one of the most preferred themes. It contains all the add-ons you need for photography. Also, it has responsive content. Improves itself by receiving periodic updates. Moreover, the theme package comes with SEO optimization and WPML. This theme is the best choice for publishing your photos at a higher level.

3. BORDER – A Delightful Photography WordPress Theme

BORDER - A Delightful Photography WordPress Theme - Template7

Ajax, Animations, Photo, SEO, Unique

Border is a WordPress theme created with the needs of professional photographers. Also, the theme is very easy to use and the pages are simple. Comes with an intuitive interface designed to immortalize your photos. Moreover, retina technology allows you to achieve the best image quality. The theme is optimized with SEO. It also has responsive content. This allows easy access from all devices. WPML comes with multi-language support ready and gives you access to the whole world. Moreover, this theme is among the best-selling photo themes in Envato. Improves itself with periodic updates.

4. TwoFold – Fullscreen Photography WordPress Theme


WordPress, Retina, Responsive, Minimal, Blog

TwoFold is a carefully crafted photo WordPress theme. With this theme, you can turn your website into the best way to publish your photos. Moreover, there are 5 different home layouts within the theme. This page is quite easy to edit. This theme is optimized with SEO. It also offers superb images with Retina integration. It has a very strong and clean infrastructure. So you won’t have any problems editing the theme. It has responsive software. The theme comes with multi-language support in WPML. Also, the theme receives periodic updates and thus gains new features.

5. Inview – Fullscreen Photography WordPress Theme


Creative, Minimal, Photography, Responsive

If you have a photographer or portfolio to exhibit, Inview is the perfect WordPress theme for you. On the other hand, Inview is considered one of the best photography WordPress themes in ThemeForest. It has add-ons to meet everything you need. Thanks to its responsive content, you can display more beautiful images than any size screen. You can also get amazing images with retina technology. This theme is updated periodically. It stands out with its customizable plug-ins. This may be the best thing for you.

6. LENS – An Enjoyable Photography WordPress Theme

LENS - An Enjoyable Photography WordPress Theme - Template7

Photography, WordPress, Blog, Unique

Lens is a premium WordPress theme that focuses on what photographers care most about themselves. Also among the best-selling photography themes in Envato. This theme has a minimal and simple design. Also, it impresses the user with unexpected animated page transitions. It has add-ons to meet your every need. Moreover, the theme comes with WPML support. Retina technology makes your photos look amazing. In addition, to ensure quality and consistency throughout the panel, the LENS comes with 12 custom design templates. The infrastructure is clean and very strong.

7. Skylab – Portfolio / Photography WordPress Theme

Skylab - Portfolio - Photography WordPress Theme - Template7

Minimal, Clean, Creative, Photography

Skylab is a WordPress theme for photographers, graphic designers, and blogs. Ideal for exhibiting design and photography projects. Powered by responsive content. On the other hand, this theme has all the features that are sought on the website about photography. Page templates also contain galleries with as many photos as you want. With Retina integration, you can make your website and photos look unique. Fully customizable add-ons. WooCommerce plugin is also included in the theme package.


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