7 Best App Landing Page Website Templates 2020


Here are the 7 most useful App Landing Website templates for you. Check it out this great designs now!

Hello, would you like to attract attention and offer your visitors a great home page? If the first impression is very important for you, you will love these App Landing templates. On the other hand, we have included 7 templates with gradient colors, plain, mockup, circular drawings, remarkable and impressive hardware. Also, get the chance to optimize your website with little touches. Get the design of your dreams without paying the designer money.

You can easily install it and adapt it to your website and all mobile devices in minutes. In addition, visitors to your site can easily see that you serve in communication, pages, blog, services, and many other areas. Make your work more visual and effective and make your life easier. On the other hand, if you say it’s time, let’s choose one of the unique App Landing templates specially designed for you. Give it a look for the Best WordPress Music Themes now.

1. Zimed – React Next App Landing Page Template

A colorful and chirping design

As in all areas, landing pages meet us first in applications. The more successful, visually equipped, and content-dominating landing page, the more reliable your audience will have to your application. In addition, give your application identity with professionally prepared Zimed. Although it comes first with matte colors, you can easily customize it.

In addition to being optimized with SEO, its responsive screen will present a unique look on your devices. The updated Bootstrap 4 framework remains current. By building a great home page for your application in a short time, you can accomplish beautiful successful works. Start working with the latest technology Zimed.

2. Omega – Landing Page Template for SaaS, Startup & Agency

A very compatible theme for your agency

What would you do if they said show your company the prestige in one move? On the other hand, you will probably want to leave impressive impressions to your audience as a result of a successful landing page. Starting to work with Omega will be a movement in exactly this direction. Also, it works in perfect harmony with all devices.

A beautiful and modern design will be with you with unique user experience. On the other hand, at the same time, easy-to-customize plugins are always at hand. You can take the first step by choosing the one you want from 5 different landing pages. Moreover, the fully responsive layout was created on Bootstrap 4, HTML, and Sass Compressor. It’s time to have this landing page that you can decorate with little touches!

3. Strina – App Landing Template

Say hello to the Strina landing page, which you can use under wide titles with a wide range of uses!

With the Bootstraps utility, you can build anything you can think of. Besides, add your images or text to your convenience with intuitive drag and drop. It is adorned with vibrant colors and supplemented with stunning effects. Moreover, the page you choose among 6 different landing page variations maybe even more beautiful in your hands.

On the other hand, you can sign this job with easy editing options. With its easy and clean usage experience, its fully responsive screen calls to all devices. In addition, click now to work on this theme, created with powerful codes and bringing security to the highest level!

4. Yuktto | Multi Purpose Html5 Landing Page

App Landing Website Templates

A striking template with its quality design

You can keep in mind with impressive landing pages under any title of the multi-purpose website. Also, it was built with HTML5 and CSS3. It holds clean codes and collects the focus of your audience inside. On the other hand, of course, the HD resolution would suit well. A design embellished with details and colors in harmony with the content! Besides, its SEO-friendly background will make your job a lot easier.

Besides, Yukkto is always with you when you want to get fast and professional support. It adapts to the developing technology with its periodic updates. In addition, growing device screens are not affected by this situation. It’s all free! In short, it’s time to work with this theme, which is well equipped for a landing page!

5. Dimon – Vue Nuxt Software App Landing Page Template

Look at this, the circular figures are moving and it’s fun

Are you aware of what you can do with an impressive landing page? Dimon, a multi-concept, smooth, and clean opening template, is with you. On the other hand, Vue Js was created by professionals with Nuxt Js. However, it contains 2 inner pages with 2 house versions. On the other hand, it is specially built for all kinds of mobile applications, software, marketing, and other online pages.

The design, detailed using vibrant colors, is simply amazing! SEO-optimized CSS3 animations will provide the best service for your page. On the other hand, its design is completely responsive. Thanks to its periodic updates, it will keep up with fashion and achieve permanence.

6. Tomillo – Bootstrap 4 Vue Js Multi Purpose One/Multi Pages Template

App Landing Page templates

Have a remarkable home page with its animated background

A responsive landing page will definitely leave quality marks on your audience. It was created based on Bootstrap 4.4.1. Thanks to its easy installation and use, it is suitable for use on almost any platform. Also, bring your design to life with fully customizable add-ons on the other.

On the other hand, the design, which is supported by vibrant colors, contains small details that attract attention. Touch and personalize your page with Google fonts. Built with secure coding! When you want fast and professional support, the creators are a phone call away. On the other hand, you will find answers to every question and quickly continue where you left off. Rise with Tomillo!

7. Riyaqas – Saas & Software React Template

Elegance and simplicity are together, this template is very useful

Let your mind be an only success on the road with Riyaqas! Moreover, it is with you with its use and design that appeals to all agency companies or freelancers who need a professional way. It has also been created within the Bootstrap4 framework. It can be shaped and arranged according to all your needs. In addition, the retina display lies behind the great view on mobile and other devices.

This screen is powered by 17 inner pages and 2 blog pages. However, Piyaqas, one of the latest wonders of the developing technology, allows your content to be shared in the most accurate way. On the other hand, you can have this theme with one click, which you will make arrangements without using any additional software.


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