7 Best Media & Advertising Powerpoint Presentation Templates of 2020


If you are ready to dazzle, here is the Media & Advertising Powerpoint Presentation Templates of 2020

Want to strategy and plan your media ads? Don’t worry, we have chosen these very special and useful 7 Best Media & Advertising Powerpoint presentation template designs that are prepared in advance as if you have a professional team! On the other hand, he prepared Ad Media Planning and Strategy Powerpoint Presentation Slides.

This content-ready, well-prepared media ad PPT sample deck, product, communication strategy, audience research, key timelines and deadlines, media goals, and anything you can think of are all included in these 7 Powerpoint presentations. You can use these presentations in an extremely simple way in any field. Moreover, it is effortless!

Among these PowerPoint presentations, of course, there are amazing products with Multipurpose features. Whatever style you like, the presentation you like will easily keep up with you. Don’t worry about edits, you can make them alone with a few clicks. We are sure that you will love these PowerPoint templates that will reflect your content in the best way. We are pleased to introduce these special products to you, I hope your presentation will be successful!

1. Socialina – Social Media Marketing & Advertising PowerPoint Template

Media & Advertising Powerpoint Presentation Templates of 2020

It is an effective presentation design with its plain and fresh appearance.

We are here with a presentation template in which those who need a simple and elegant presentation will be impressed at first sight. With Socialina, you can connect your visitors to this magical world. you will be amazed. Moreover, socialine is professional and designed to fit your business needs; It is a very ideal presentation template for a social media marketing agency, technology industry, and companies working in digital marketing strategy. With it, you can have 30 stylish slides, graphics that can give you the size and shape you want, placeholders for dozens of detailed pictures, and much more than your dreams. All you have to do is download!

2. MONA – Media/Press Kit Powerpoint Template

Adding soft colors and visuals has a great design.

Don’t you want to get a perfect design template with one click? What are you waiting for? Mona was designed for you. On the other hand, it is now very easy to handle multiple jobs and save time with one application. Media, a great marketing tool that is unmatched for your businesses, will attract everyone with a carefully designed presentation template.

With more than 25 slide templates, free font links, detailed documentation, content you can easily organize, and fully customizable colors, Mona will shine like a star among thousands of works. If you want to benefit from this unique experience, download Mona.

3. Cytrus – Media System Presentation Template

Media & Advertising Powerpoint Presentation Templates of 2020

It is a user-friendly and professional Powerpoint template.

The biggest monetization method of the last century is media and advertising. With this integral duo, we are here with Cytrus, selected from hundreds of templates special for those who want to achieve the best of success. In addition, Cytrus will write your name with an indelible pen next to the industry’s best. However, Cytrus printed publications created with modern feelings are included in internet advertising, non-home media, mobile device advertising, and every promotion you can think of.

The colorful theme will ease your workload with ease of use details. In addition, this is more than 60 unique slides, 11 carefully selected color schemes, fun animation slides, a unique template that you can add the details according to your wish. If you want to succeed in you, take the first step by downloading Cytrus.

4. Aero-Tech – Technology PowerPoint Template

Enjoy a comfortable presentation with the breeze of blue tones.

Didn’t you still find a template that fits for you page by page? Let us introduce you to a template that we examine and separate with our unique information. Also, Aero is a template where you can find everything you are looking for, with no annoying details, strangling you! Aero is a PowerPoint presentation template that is easy to use, has interesting details, and can keep up with your business for every purpose.

You are on the right track to professionalize your presentations and express your brand in the best way. In addition, creative themes, dark-light background options, PowerPoint default countless color schemes, a total of 22 files, icons pack, and more. All are just a click away. Just download Aero and enjoy these unique experiences.

5. Business Vision – Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

Media & Advertising Powerpoint Presentation Templates of 2020

It is a very good Powerpoint template with dark and light color options and ease of editing.

You won’t believe what you see. There is no other template that is so detailed, that you can think instead of and save time. On the other hand, Business Vision has such a design that it will be a pleasure to work with. However, it is a fully editable presentation template that you can use for marketing, social media, SEO, company profile, world maps, flowcharts, charts, timeline, and more.

Business Vision is also very rich in terms of features. You cannot find the 50000 plus total slide in another template. Moreover, it contains every fine detail for its users with its editable data graphics, product models, 51 colors, the ability to select the color you want with one click. Just download it to take advantage of these subtleties!

6. Success Mantra – Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

Experience the perfect presentation with the energy and geometric style of the colors.

Success Mantra, which attracts everyone at first sight with its main theme with vibrant colors, is a template that you will be enchanted with as you enter. On the other hand, Every detail has been carefully prepared and continues to be renewed in line with your needs. Success Mantra is a template that you can use for many purposes and at the same time save time.

The preferred template does not even require photoshop, especially in issues such as marketing, social media, SEO company profile, world maps, flow charts, tables, timeline. Also, we are always at your side with one click, you can change colors, key icons, full HD screen, 51 color themes, thousands of ready-made slide presentations. You can download this template, which is the friendliness of those who want to achieve professionalism in their work, with one click.

7. Digitalo Digital Agency PowerPoint Template

Awesome Presentation Template with Amazing Features

This presentation template, which is integrated with the contrasts of the blue that brings peace of mind to you, offers unmatched opportunities to achieve the works of your dreams. Moreover, your company needs a template with a creative spirit, not creative geniuses. With Digitalo, you can take your designs to the first class. You can use this template, which is extremely easy to edit and customize, for any purpose you can think of. In addition, it is now much easier to improve our business presentation and add graphics and maps.

Your signature slides will attract attention everywhere, with a simple and elegant design, 44 template files, and unlimited color options. On the other hand animated slides, widescreen ratios, handmade infographics, more than 80 master slide layouts will put your content in a more professional atmosphere and will spend your time at the lowest level. If you want to take advantage of this unique presentation template, download it with one click!


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