7 Best WordPress Themes for Churches and Non-profit Organizations 2020

We have selected 7 special and multi-purpose churches and non-profit organizations WordPress themes that will inspire you.

In this article, we Non-profit WordPress themes prepared for churches, fundraising organizations, mosques, and similar institutions. Moreover, getting to know these themes, each of which has been specially built, will make it easier to find the theme that best suits your ideas and business. In addition, we organized the most outstanding ones amongst hundreds of thousands of churches WordPress themes available on the internet.

Your website will almost fly! You will not regret your choice with details, additions, or enhancements, all of which are especially available. Moreover, you can achieve a memorable success with your website that you will publish in a short time. You can get the chance to work with one of these themes by clicking on the link.

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1. Ichthys – Church WordPress Theme

Non-profit WordPress themes- Template7

One of the last wonders of WordPress!

You may have been hesitant about how a theme would suit a church or a non-profit website. In addition, with Ichthys, we will answer all the questions you have in mind. Let’s take a look at this theme, one of the last wonders of WordPress! After the modern and simple homepage that welcomes you, you can make it ready for use with widgets, articles, or donations that will warm you up.

Thanks to the WooCommerce integration, you can donate to charities by making small sales. Also, let’s not forget the retina display that comes with responsive design to keep your users satisfied! On the other hand, optimizing with SEO, the friend of search engines. Free text style has been developed to act purposefully with colors, sidebars, and more.

2. Church WordPress | HolyCross

Non-profit WordPress themes- Template7

The future is with you!

Say hello to this theme, which will suit donations, sermons, or a website where you can present all the events that are likely to happen in a church! No complexity with fully functional plugins. On the other hand, get your website lives in hours! Your audience will be fascinated with its unique and meaningful design. With the support of WPML, your area of ‚Äč‚Äčtransportation will expand considerably.

Of course, social media widgets were also created for this job. With the announcements board, you will inform your audience every minute. In addition, all the attention will be on your church! You are ready for the future with responsive design and periodic updates. SEO optimization will save you a lot of time. You can spend this time saving on personalization with the arrangements you can easily make.

3. Life Churches – WordPress Theme for Churches and Events

Non-profit WordPress themes- Template7

A pleasant welcome and a door to the world!

Today, modern churches, donors, or similar organizations are finding it difficult to find a theme that suits their website. Also, we are with you with the Life Non-profit WordPress themes to make your job easier. Also, working in this theme, where plain and matte colors have a voice, will give you a unique experience.

It is also supported by a search engine and widgets, where your users can quickly access the title they want. It will be quite easy to edit the content you will position by drag and drop. In addition, protect against cyber hackers with its clean infrastructure and an impenetrable firewall. With this theme, your website will print its name behind both safe and successful jobs.

4. Nazareth | Church & Religion WordPress Theme

Non-profit WordPress themes- Template7

More than a theme!

You are faced with a completely natural and non-profit church or a theme that is necessary for your business. In addition, the unique pages you make with the Elementor page builder will act according to the purpose. Also, behind the responsive design, HD picture quality welcomes you.

At the same time, you can go one step further with a stylish and appealing design. Make your edits without any software! On the other hand, you will enjoy working with WPML, WooCommerce, SEO, sidebars, widgets, and more. You can see the success you will gain in a short time as a result of the required clicks.

5. Exodos – Church WordPress Theme

Non-profit WordPress themes- Template7

Friendly of screens and search engines!

Open your church to the whole world! The website that is necessary for gaining the appreciation of your audience in the promotions that you will make over the internet. Also, so how should this website be? Everything will be easier with Exodos. On the other hand, it has everything that a website should have. It will not tire your audience and act according to the purpose of its design details and color harmonies.

Also, you can personalize your website with little touches in places that are not suitable for you. Remember, unlimited colors and text styles are with you! Moreover, SEO optimized to be friendly with search engines. He also did not forget your screens! Along with the retina display, the sensible design also makes you accessible from all devices.

6. Bethlehem – Church WordPress Theme

Non-profit WordPress themes- Template7

Let your ideas come to life!

Grow your church and reach more people. You can make an impressive introduction to the internet environment using the Bethlehem WordPress theme. With this theme, which is completely useful, stylish, and will appeal to your audience, your church will receive the necessary attention. A large and beautiful home page will warm you up.

On the other hand, you can publish your website in a short time with the necessary pages, articles, donations, and necessary equipment. Of course, you can be on the first page with SEO optimization! You can make eye-catching changes in this theme, which is with you with its strong design, with small touches. Moreover, these changes, which you will only make using Non-profit WordPress themes, are extremely useful to reflect your ideas!

7. Vatican – Church WordPress Theme

Non-profit WordPress themes- Template7

You will fall in love as you use it!

WordPress theme, which is very suitable for mosques, churches, or fundraising websites, Vatican! On the other hand, get a chance to work with this theme, which will have fun as you use it and will not go off your way to your destination. Publish your website by working like professionals with its true masterpiece design, social media widgets, and fully editable content or layout settings.

Expand your target area with WPML support and WooCommerce support. Moreover, keep up with the developing technology with periodic updates! With its speed-optimized infrastructure, your website will gain an accessible identity at any time. It is also an insurmountable wall. You will fall in love as you use it.


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