7 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs in 2020

How about browsing professional blog themes together for each category?

Have a nice day! Your footsteps will echo in the blog world! Template7 chose 7 WordPress Blog Themes that are very useful and look great for you! Each of them is admirable with its magnificent features and elaborate designs! You can customize these themes that you can use for your business or personal needs. We offer you the opportunity to change colors, templates, icons, toolbars, and everything to suit your taste.

The features of these interesting themes that will help you influence your target audience and have more visitors will surprise you. In addition, as Template7, we provide endless support for you to get a blog design both easily and quickly. We have put together many great designs that you can easily do all your sharing. We left these amazing blog themes below for you. Let’s take a look! Check out our “Top 7 Creative Blog WordPress Themes 2019″ article that may interest you!

1. Angie – a Multi-Concept Blog Theme For WordPress

Make room for inspirational content.

Angie is a handy WordPress blog theme with a modern and multi-purpose design. On the other hand, with its geometric and asymmetrical fields, a very aesthetic visuality has been achieved. You can use full visual and transitional homepage sections. 

This blog theme is designed to give you an up-to-date design with very flexible performances. However, if you are a blogger, author, and content producer, this theme is designed to suit you. In addition, 10 demos are included and allow you to use it without the limit of your creativity. 

There are 7 contact forms with features supporting social media and Instagram. With Gutenberg optimization, 12 homepage layouts you can do anything you want with this WordPress blog theme. With this contemporary and enjoyable blog design, you are able to advance to your blog writing and communication with people more strongly.

2. Bucklin – Creative Personal Blog WordPress Theme 

Check out this blog theme if you love producing and sharing!

It is a high quality and well-equipped WordPress Blog theme that serves you in the most interesting and creative way. It offers a modern blog statement with a relaxed and positive approach to your business and content. Get ready to engage the masses with their engaging and distinctive appearance.

 Blog perfectly with popular features. Experience responsive WordPress blog themes in the best and best quality way. Designed in a simple and daily way, it provides ideal performance for a simple and effective blog usage. It is a perfect transcendent theme for Bloggers that dazzles with its elegance and modern touches.

 If you want to talk about the technical features of the theme, WPML translation ready, strong frame, detailed documents, drag-and-drop features and provides quality service to you and your audience. You can buy this Glorious Options product for only $ 29 and start using it in a Few Clicks.

3. Sitka – Modern WordPress Blog Theme 

If you want to have an effortless and enjoyable theme and blog writer, let us introduce you to Sitka. It is a perfect product with its magnificent design and usage conditions. It is a WordPress Blog Theme that is produced entirely for bloggers. On the other hand, be a pioneer with a modern and breathtaking design. This blog theme is quite up to date and has an elegant side with its simplicity. 

In addition, lifestyle, blog, youtube channel, similar platforms where you want to share your content with additional support aims to provide you. However, from elegant and understated to full-width stuns, the first thing your visitors see is nothing impressive.

Choose from 7 attractive area layouts to showcase your highlighted publications and pages. On the other hand, with 100 responsive styles, you can be sure to shine on any screen or device. Understandable and creative layouts, visual spaces, a quality that best reflects your content, we recommend Sitka to you.

4. Once – Clean & Elegant WordPress Blog Theme

Get ready to be innovative and popular.

It is a top-level Blog theme with clean and professional content. Get the pleasure and comfort of a theme that can be turned into a website where you can sell your products as well as blogging. You can easily place your videos, images, content, promotional texts. On the other hand, visit their demos with a single click and review this WordPress blog theme with 6 different themes. It is an amazing product with the ideal conditions for a blogger.

You can find many features you are looking for with this theme and you can use it flexibly. When you select a dark background color for your header or footer, the text and link color automatically change to white. You don’t need to set too many color options because most of them work automatically according to your choice.

On the other hand, select the matching page layout for your Home page, archives, posts, and pages. Display a sidebar on the left or right side, or use a full-width page layout for your content. Stay one step ahead of your professional business with incredible layouts, terms of use, and achieve your goals with greater confidence with this tool.

5. Katelyn | Creative Gutenberg Blog WordPress Theme


Discover Katelyn, who knows no bounds in creativity and customization.

Katelyn is a WordPress blog theme that many users with a very large and popular audience rely on and love. It also has more than a blog theme. Suitable for guest post blog, rouge, niche blogs, transmitter, viral blogs, giveaways, guides, personal portfolio, and how-to blogs. It gives you the best performance to create your business in a fun way. 

On the other hand, it works for minimal, media, freelance, journalism, teaching, cheats sheet, fun, and play. First of all, tutorials, industry, current events, checklists, listicles, infographics, case studies, profiles, and FAQs are suitable. Simple layout, easy to use, has a clear design. This is a WordPress Blog theme with bright tones. Freshness and ready to use in every state. Gorgeous and high-quality blogger themes.

It is a WordPress blog theme that we believe will best support you and reflect your business and you. Get this product quickly and practically without losing time for design, coding, and many things. Discover this product with no bizarre challenge for just $ 59.

6. TheBlogger WordPress Theme 

Set aside the ordinary and enjoy the unique WordPress blog theme.

TheBlogger has 11 published demos and a blog system that supports all recording formats. It also comes with multiple blog layouts of different post views such as grid or masonry. Includes unlimited sidebar and 4 headline variations. TheBlogger works great for personal websites that want to interact with the audience. 

It has advanced panel options that make coding unnecessary. Readers can subscribe via MailChimp and use newsletters. TheBlogger has great features for sharing social media, from buttons to widgets. It uses more than 800 beautiful Google Fonts and Post Slider. You’ll receive documentation and a support team to get you started smoothly

is a comprehensive theme for Bloggers, where you can get great results with many different details gathered together. It provides you comfort with its easy to use and understandable visual language. who does not want to have a comfortable and practical design immediately? Save time and get this highly recommended product.

7. Bloxer – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Of course, you can also use the tool for a personal blog project where you want to start. With a large number of predefined houses and many more built-in sections, you can quickly choose the right one for your blog. Beyond that, Blogxer also comes with an Elementor website builder, which allows you to be as creative as you want, improving the default look with a simple drag-and-drop operation. Packed with many options and hardware you’ll like, this WordPress blog theme promises amazing features. 

It has a colorful and energetic design. It allows you to have a high-energy dynamic Blog experience. In addition, your user-friendly modern style will make your content extremely appealing. Additional specialties include eight headers, five footers, MailChimp integration, lazy load, RTL support, and Disqus. 

To summarize, Blogxer is everything you need to start any niche blog at your fingertips. Spread the word, tell your story, and grow the loyal readership community. Make sure you do great with this contemporary and high-quality theme and start using this product without hesitation.


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