7 Best Wedding Invitation Templates 2021

We have compiled the best themes for your wedding and invitations. Browse and explore these 7 themes now.

In this article, we have compiled Wedding invitation templates prepared for the day that you want the most special and flawless. Moreover, these wonderful designs that you will distribute to your guests will remain as a souvenir. All of these designs are very flexible and you can add and personalize each of the features. Perfect set of 7 invitations designed for your important and special ceremonies such as weddings, invitations, and engagements.

These eye-catching, eye-catching designs are intended for your special occasions. On the other hand, you can use In for many different purposes if you like invitations. Talented. And designed by professional people, these designs are quite popular and have attracted attention in their fields. On the other hand, as an organization company, creative content producer, you can easily benefit from this great design and satisfy your customers. All templates have premium content that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

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1. Foliage Wedding Invitation Set

Foliage Wedding Invitation Set-Template7

Elegant and thoughtfully designed unique invitation design.

Foliage Wedding Invitation Set is a great invitation set that makes your special and important day more attentive for you. Moreover, a creative design with an impressive performance was created with great care and professionalism. The visuals are very aesthetic and the fonts are used in a very harmonious and elegant manner. Simply set up and get started.

2. Wedding Set – Invitation

Wedding Set - Invitation-Template7

a new set of invitations to suit your style with a new and cool design

It is a specially designed wedding invitation with a cool and slightly gothic style. On the other hand, if you dream of a simple and elegant design, this set will fit you. Also, this set is above expectations, with a menu, postcard, table tent, main invitation, and any attachments. To have this great invitation, just click on the link. On the other hand, you will have a unique and professionally designed invitation, a wedding seine.

3. Luminance Invitation Wedding Set

Luminance Invitation Wedding Set-Template7

It aims to be an unforgettable design with its magical and flashy design.

Celebrate your beautiful day with this magical shine-themed wedding invitation card and RSVP card. Moreover, it is a remarkable invitation with many attachments and dazzling beauty. An unforgettable invitation design designed to make your special day unique. On the other hand, it is easy to set up and use. It provides you with personalization and change opportunities. Click on the link to have this wonderful Invitation & wedding set.

4. Fern Illustration Wedding Invitation

Fern Illustration Wedding Invitation-Template7

A great design that takes you to the old with its vintage look

It is a great wedding invitation design with an elegant and vintage style using a tumbled method. Also, you’ll love this flawless design that takes you back to the old with that wonderful breeze from the ancients. On the other hand, You can use it in an organization or at a wedding. Moreover, this template, which has flexible usage possibilities, gives you ease and personalization and many possibilities.

5. Wedding Invitation Set

Wedding Invitation Set-Template7

Elegant and very simple design Wedding and organization invitation design

It is not just a wedding invitation, it has a design that is appealing to many invitations and sectors. This template, which has a wide and flexible style, will provide you with a perfect invitation. On the other hand, 1 single-sided invitation, single-sided belly band, favor tag, detail card is a rich theme with multiple contents.

6. Glitter Wedding Invitation Set

Glitter Wedding Invitation Set-Template7

A multi-purpose invitation design with a very ornate and flashy design

A very elegant and amusing design aims to be used for announcements, weddings, birthdays, invitations, anniversaries, and many other invitations. Also, you will love this Wedding Invitation design that offers you a professional service with its wide and flexible design. It’s easy to have this wonderful invitation design, which is flashy and versatile, just click on the link and visit Envato.

7. Wedding Invitation Set Vol.01

Wedding Invitation Set-Template7

A wonderful design created with elegant and smooth transitions

This theme creates a wonderful moment with great visuals for you and your guests. Also, It has been specially designed and has an elegant and soft style. You can use it not only for weddings but also for many purposes. Creating an invitation from the start is very difficult and time-consuming, but with this invitation, you get an attractive design.


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