7 Best University & High School WordPress Themes 2020

If you are looking for WordPress theme for universities and high schools, here you will get your theme with this article you have compiled.

Education is an important factor which is of great importance in every period of life. It is also a tool that guides our entire life. In this article, we have compiled 7 different university and high school themes. Carefully selected and carefully selected as a result of this research will interest you. All are creative, innovative, fun, and interesting. On the other hand, it has many add-ons and features.

Equipped with unique themes, you will have your executive panel, online exams, syllabus, announcements, surveys, student affairs, and much other important equipment. You’ll also have more than just an education and university design. In addition, trainers, training centers, corporate training, coaching centers, courses, and many other areas can be conveniently used in a convenient way and effective, easy method. Choose the design that suits your business and you and have the product very easily. Check out our article titled ‘7 Best Education and Training WordPress Themes 2020′ which may be of interest to you!

1. WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme

WPLMS WordPress Education Theme-Template7

Effective and high quality is also an educational theme

This important and necessary theme offers you unique possibilities with many different and innovative options. You can also provide full service to your students and customers with effective and innovative features. On the other hand, online education is a great theme to take advantage of lessons and many extras. Also, PLMS is a WordPress LMS. It is an Enterprise-grade Learning management system for WordPress. It is a complete system with “all” features of any modern LMS. Based on BuddyPress and WooCommerce, it offers the best of Social and eCommerce sites.

2. Education WordPress Theme | Eduma

An efficient and high-performance, capable design.

This amazing theme is ideal for a complete website as a successful educational institution worldwide. However, it is a WordPress theme for trainers, coaching centers, courses, universities, schools, Mooc platform, course teachers, and similar educational institutions. It also has a creative, understandable, only creative style. If you are looking for an effective, stunning, and easy-to-understand theme, it’s for you. You can easily buy this theme through Envato with easy to install and advanced features.

3. Grand College – WordPress Theme For Education

University WordPress themes- Template7

A unique university theme with a strong and professional design

Grand College WordPress is a powerful learning and management wp template system. Teacher profile, event organizer calendar, online course, online quizzes, extended user profiles, attachments, quizzes, rating system, seminar, information platform, management, exclusive articles, teacher staff, many more add-ons are available. Also, Writers aim to make learning and education easier for everyone. Plus, it’s easy to use for everyone. In addition to learning, you can use this system as a school. Also, this WordPress School Theme from Envato Market and easily start this online tutorial.

4. Clever Course – Education / LMS

University WordPress themes- Template7

An up-to-date and dynamic WordPress training theme

Clever Course is the perfect WordPress School Theme to share and sell your events and information online. It’s not just a theme, it’s a learning management system that makes online learning and teaching easy for everyone. Also, user profiles, question system, file attachments, courses, course process tracking, WooCommerce integration, online courses, and more. It is also a rational theme for education and training. Finally, this effective, user-friendly, up-to-date theme is available and you will see the effect in a very short time.

5. Course & LMS WordPress Theme | CBKit

University WordPress themes- Template7

An impressive university theme with distinctive and sophisticated design

7 of the Best Education and School WordPress Themes. Also, we have compiled these amazing and discoverable themes for you. We’ve also compiled the best WordPress training themes for hours looking for a WordPress theme without having to worry. As a result, they are all custom and easy to use themes. Choose all your needs below and make your head an enjoyable choice.

6. Polytechnic | Powerful Education, Courses & Events

University WordPress themes- Template7

A flawless and legendary design wonder

It is one of the themes that we are sure you will like if you want to get the best and most wonderful result. Also, It is attractive with its efficient and equipped performance. It has unique content and add-ons from the other side. And, politically, Polytechnic is a responsive, educational, and student-oriented WordPress Theme. Moreover, clean and professional. We created this theme especially for educational institutions and included easy-to-use live adaptations and drag-and-drop creators.

7. Invent – Education Course College WordPress Theme

University WordPress themes- Template7

An effective and exciting WordPress theme.

It is designed for secondary schools, universities, academics, online education, and other fields of education. In addition, Cool has an innovative and professional design with a simple, effective, and unique design. Although it is a multi-purpose WordPress training theme, it provides easy installation and charm to a wide audience. Besides that, a colorful, fun, remarkable theme, suitable for all kinds of educational activities, stores, ideal for all kinds of educational activities. It is also a very flexible design suitable for childcare and summer camps. By the same token, you can save time and money by purchasing this theme.


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