7 Best Popular & Minimal WordPress Themes 2020

We have compiled the best popular and minimal WordPress themes for you in this article. You can find the best theme for your business here.

In our article, we have compiled creative and minimal and popular WordPress theme designs that appeal to different features and sectors. On the other hand, you can easily set up your business and website with this unique, creative, and impressive design and do great work with additional features. In addition, all products are designed to be very easy to customize. Change the color, font, and many other features and have a website that suits your company or personal taste.

Why should you use WordPress and what are your contributions? You can be a big company that wants to reach new customers or a very small sweet business. WordPress exists to meet the needs of you and all businesses, people in an easy way. Besides, everyone wants to have a more equipped and corporate product instead of a simple website.

Also, it can be incredibly difficult to create a website without knowing a code with a design if you are not familiar with it at all. Popular WordPress gives you this ease, there are some additions and visuals you can put in a ready-made infrastructure. Then, a fast and simple way your professional website becomes ready. Join the growing world that many famous companies and companies use. Also, just click on the link below to buy the product you want. Check out our ‘Top 7 Minimal Powerpoint Presentation Templates with blue details’ article that will interest you!

1. Heli – Minimal Creative Black and White WordPress Theme

Heli - Minimal Creative Black and White WordPress Template7

With its minimal and simple style, it is a creative and impressive design wonder.

Heli helps you to build a great website with professional design. On the other hand, whatever your business, it welcomes you with its simple and minimal style with quality and creative content. Besides that, you can easily create a simple and bright site that is creative and unique for any purpose. Coming with more than 36 stunning Predefined Homepage, Heli is ideal for a range of business and art-focused sites such as fashion stores, photographers, media agencies, web studios, designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, marketing, art agencies. In addition, you can have this perfect product from Envato.

2. Writing – Personal Blog

Writing - Personal Blog-Template7

is a simple and perfect product created for a blogger.

If you are a blog writer, you only need a product that will highlight your article. On the other hand, it will be a great opportunity for you to attract the attention of your readers and to have different audiences. In addition, if you are a blogger, then you do not need to do any experiment to build your WordPress personal blog, this is the perfect choice for you, it will help you create a simple and clean blog.

They’ll also get a high-quality, responsive, and well-crafted blog to ensure that authors focus solely on writing content, and will have great typography for fans and followers to focus on every word you type. On the other hand, it has personalization and many different features.
Also, this product is very practical and easy to use, just click on the link and start using it.

3.  Fevr – Creative MultiPurpose Theme


It is a great product that provides many new generation and full service targeted.

It is a current and next-generation WordPress theme. On the other hand, this admirable product has pre-configured schematics, customizable, easy to use solutions, excellent performance, and professional code. If you want to be impressive and professional, you should consider this product, creating a website is time-consuming, so we have simplified this process with more than 20 home page concepts, pre-configured page layouts, and easy-to-use solutions.

Perfect for any niche with creative shortcodes within the theme, it’s a good choice: designers, photographers, corporate employees, business, or an e-commerce site. On the other hand, with this flawlessly functioning product, you can draw your eyes on it and, thanks to its many features, you can do great things, be a pioneer in your industry and competitors.

4. PILE – An Uncoventional WordPress Portfolio Theme

PILE - An Uncoventional WordPress Portfolio Template7

It is a minimally designed design that has a positive effect on the business life and is wonderfully and wonderfully designed.

It is an impressive, high-performance, well-equipped product that has been admired by many. On the other hand, it is a bold, elegant, and flexible Portfolio WordPress theme that makes it the perfect tool to showcase any creative work. From agencies to art directors, illustrators, photographers, and other brave people, PILE is the best companion on the digital journey. In addition, it has many impressive features and provides you with convenience.
However, you can quickly and efficiently use the product without the need for drag-and-drop methods and coding skills, and you can become a leader. Your sector and all your customers will run with your appreciation. On the other hand, the design of PILE is remarkable in many respects: simple, but sophisticated, slippery, but meaningful, minimalist, but consistent and structured.

5. Grand Photography WordPress

Popular WordPress themes-Template7

It is a product considered with its current and sophisticated creation.

Photography Creative Portfolio is a responsive and minimal WordPress theme for your website. On the other hand, it is produced with the latest WordPress technology. Grand Photography supports a responsive layout, so it looks great on all devices and aims for flawless use. It also has predefined styles and templates and many features designed specifically for the photographer, creative designer, a design agency that can be purchased with a single click.

On the other hand, thanks to this flawless product, you will have a great and impressive website. You must try this unique product that offers a perfect and acclaimed service to you and every customer. On the other hand, what you need to do is very simple, click the link below and get this product quickly.

6. One – The Creative Multipurpose Portfolio theme

Popular WordPress themes-Template7

It is a great product to stamp your business.

It is a great product that has made thousands of sales and has gained much appreciation and praise. On the other hand, it provides you with perfect performance with its innovative and effective appearance and design. Also, the page builder provides the possibility to create unlimited layout combinations of new page builder built on top of the latest frame.

In addition, easy layouts boxed or extended-looking, simple background overlay many options for management. You can also target the summit with this product, which has many additional features and features. On the other hand, when you buy this theme, we have portfolio font, 2 blog layouts, a super-fast live view, layout options, multiple logo design, video support, and many details and equipment.

7. Burst – Bold and Vibrant Design Agency Theme

Popular WordPress themes-Template7

Get ready to do a great job with its unique design and colorful design.

Burst is made by WordPress experts for any creative design agency or design studio. In addition to vivid and bold layouts, this theme is packed with extensive features and features, including interactive maps, side menus, full-screen menus, and more. On the other hand, show your projects and studies in detail. Use the video background to create stunning presentations. Burst is packed with premium add-ons for free and is fully compatible with WooCommerce so you can sell any product.

With this unique product, you can do your work faster and simpler.
In addition, creating a design from the start is very difficult and laborious, thanks to this product you can prepare your website in a fast, practical and fun way. In addition, AJAX Page Transitions can be controlled in general or from page to page, has full-screen sections layout, and many add-ons and enhancements.


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