7 Best New Powerpoint Presentation Templates 2021

Different and colorful Powerpoint presentations are here! Choose the presentation that best reflects you.

Today, as Template7, we have selected 7 newly designed Powerpoint Presentation templates for you! Each of them is a very special and carefully selected product. We are sure that you will choose the most suitable template for you among these designs that are different, colorful, minimal, and cool. If you are giving a presentation for the first time, you never need to get excited because you are on the right track! Choosing a completely ready-made template is a very logical step.

On the other hand, it does not require design and programming skills. Instead of dealing with design, just focus on the presentation content! Everything else is ready and convenient for you to customize. You can arrange the colors, fonts, layouts, images and the location of many things in the way that best suits your taste. It’s time to meet 7 professional presentation templates such as inbox, manir, minimalist, firm, ecospace, khoeru, schul. Check them out right away, without wasting time!

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1. Inbox – Business Powerpoint Template

Inbox, which has a minimal design taste, is a powerpoint design equipped with very soft colors and pastel tones.

Mockup looks stunning with its graphics, big cool titles and visual areas! This Presentation Template can be used for Business, Portfolio, Corporate, Marketing, Company, Creative Studio, Branding, Restaurant, Photography etc. It can be used for various purposes such as. Whatever your job is, Inbox is ready to assist you in the most harmonious way! With this elegant design, while you present your presentation to your audience, nobody will be bored and will not take their eyes off the presentation! The opportunity to reflect your work in the best and correct way is available with Inbox. Sit back and be ready for what Inbox will do for you. Visit the demo with one click and explore the amazing Inbox.

2. Manir – Business PowerPoint Template

Super energetic, different and creative, Manir looks pretty impressive!

It gives you a visual feast with purple, pink, blue and gradient tones. It’s amazing with different and great header styles. A well-equipped and complete Powerpoint presentation template with awesome infographics, graphic designers, icons and thank you slide. This Presentation Template can be used for various purposes such as Corporate and Business, Sales Pitch Presentation, Starter and can also be used for Personal Portfolio.

It is very easy to use Manir that will reflect and present your work in the best way. This flexible performance design is suitable for easily customizing color, size, layout and many spaces. On the other hand, easy editing with a total of 39 slides, free fonts, vector icons, and just drag and drop motion.

3. MINIMAILIST – Business PowerPoint Template

You’ll love the minimalist, which has a simple, highly modern design tailored for the business world.

Brown tones and white harmony add a very modern atmosphere to the presentation. Not every plain presentation gets boring! Minimalist broke this chain and put forward a simple but quite remarkable design. It has an eye-catching, striking and professional appearance. On the other hand, a pleasant visuality was created with mockups that add a lot of movement to the presentation.

However, this design, which is suitable for many jobs, makes your job easier by being easy to edit. It will give you the best presentation experience with 38 special and minimal PowerPoint slides. On the other hand, rearrange it, play with the colors and the layout entirely to your own taste! Visit Minimalist right now by clicking on the link we provided now.

4. Firma – Business PowerPoint Template

The firm is a business powerpoint presentation design with a very fresh, fresh and colorful design.

If you are looking for a creative and professional looking template, you will love the Company! On the other hand, it is suitable for many businesses and industries. This presentation, which has many energetic colors such as blue, yellow and red, has a very dynamic appearance. Viewing charts and data has never been more enjoyable!

On the other hand, let’s talk about the features of this powerpoint presentation template with 39 modern and fun slides; With various mockups, editable and aesthetic design, drag-and-drop system, built-in vector icons, picture placeholder, 16: 9 widescreen ratio and many features, it gives you a professional presentation experience and becomes your greatest companion in getting the best results.

5. Ecospace Nature Powerpoint Template

It has a very gentle, simple and modern design prepared for those who are intertwined with nature.

Ecospace is a very attractive powerpoint template that attracts attention at first sight. Ecospace Nature PowerPoint Template is here for you with green recycling and environmental background. On the other hand, we are proud to present our green presentation slides for an environmental scientist, eco-business entrepreneur or an activist who needs to tell a story to large groups of people.

With this presentation, you can impress many people and explain the goodness you offer for nature to your audience in the best way possible. This PowerPoint template demonstrates the concept of pollution prevention to save the planet. Also, this template depicts eco-friendly technology, green ideas, global, environment, growth, nature and flora concepts. Get this eco-friendly and awesome design with just one click.

6. Khoeru – Business PowerPoint Template

Here is another brand new and modern design!

It is impossible not to get caught in the dance of pink, yellow and black tones! Moreover, you will enjoy this Powerpoint design, which looks very unusual and highlighting. Whatever your job is, you can organize this flexible powerpoint presentation in a short time and use it in the most appropriate way for your business and industry. What can you do in editing?

On the other hand, you can change the colors completely and include the colors that reflect your company, you can place the images in the size you want in the space you want, you can get a different visuality by changing the font, you can provide unity by using vector icons that are suitable for the subject of your presentation. It is that simple and takes minutes to organize and transform a ready-made presentation! Come on, step into Khoeru’s unique and sophisticated world!

7. Schul – Education PowerPoint Presentation

The education sector is incredibly important and one of the areas where you need to express yourself to the masses in the best way possible.

With its modern and minimal design, Schul is very open to teaching and is unflattering and elegant. It emphasizes education with its red and white tones and has a very professional style. On the other hand, Schul is a clean and minimalist presentation template that can be used as educational material. This presentation template can also be used for multipurpose purposes such as creative agency, design studio, designer and also investor presentation presentation.

Also, you can organize this powerpoint presentation consisting of 40 slides in a way that suits your business and personal tastes! Resize, play with colors, customize and make lots of differences. Also, this presentation includes the team, about us, features, pricing, portfolio, gallery and many parts. On the other hand, get this presentation in which you will express your business in the best way and make a mark on the education sector.


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