7 Best Minimal & Creative Tumblr Themes 2021

We have selected the best quality and useful 7 Tumblr Themes for you! You will love these themes with advanced and creative features.

Social media plays a very important and effective role in the middle of our lives. Most. Creative Tumblr is one of the most used and popular social media. Impressive and highly visual, these great template designs will make you visible and remarkable. Moreover, these 7 Creative Tumblr templates have been carefully selected for you.

In addition, all templates promise ease of use and customization. On the other hand, you can simply download and get started right away. You’ll love these great templates with a lot of add-ons, premium content and effects, high in visuality, and hardware. And, to have, just click on the link. Simply make your purchase and installation and get started. Here we have compiled for you the perfect and useful 30 WordPress themes that will interest you. Explore and shine now.


A unique theme with fun and creative use

This unique and creative Tumblr theme is a Tumblr theme with 3 column layouts and unlimited color scheme controls to display your artwork and articles. On the other hand, it is a colorful theme with many useful features. Also, image upload, Twitter feed, image slider, widgets, google analytics, and many add-ons. And its content aims to provide you with a great theme experience.

2.Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme

Pop Gallery Tumblr Template7

It is a dynamic theme with a magnificent and vibrant appearance

With Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme you can have a great theme. It is also the Tumblr theme for visual portfolios, galleries, craft shops, and features different thumbnail images for new, sold, and reserved products. It has a nice clean design with circular thumbnails. Get this unique and effective theme right away and be ready to do great work. 900+ is a gorgeous Tumblr theme design with overage sales and 100% customer satisfaction.

3. Supple – A Portfolio Theme for Tumblr

Supple - A Portfolio Theme for Template7

Keep your eyes on you, look similar and impressive theme

It is a versatile portfolio theme for Creative Tumblr, especially for advertisements: designer, illustrator, photographer, and all kinds of visual artists. It also makes an amazing impression with its high performance. Very easy to use, on the other hand, is fun. However, the flexible portfolio grid allows you to specify different display resolutions and the number of columns to display for your devices. In addition, you can adjust the grid groove and thumbnail proportions: landscape, portrait, frame, and anything in between.

4. Pandemonium Magazine – Responsive Tumblr Theme

Pandemonium Magazine - Responsive Tumblr Template7

A high-level theme design that can do your job professionally

It is a professional and Creative Tumblr theme with impressive performance. A simple and aesthetic magazine-style theme for Tumblr. It is easy to use and convert with almost 100 different customization options. On the other hand, it is 100% responsive and has a gorgeous design. Furthermore, the entire code was rewritten from the beginning and translated into HTML5. The theme is now responsive and offers a choice between 1, 2, or 3 column layouts. And get this unique, handy theme right now.

5. Pluto – Portfolio Theme


Great design offering quality service

Pluto – Portfolio Creative Tumblr Theme is a clean and simple portfolio theme that is created to showcase your work and work with high quality and performance. In addition, Pluto is responsive, so you can use it very easily on your phone or tablet, on your technological smart devices. On the other hand, this theme is very simple to customize and offers you a versatile service. And it allows you to do great things with a pleasant time.

6. Persona – Tumblr Theme

Persona - Tumblr Template7

A sensitive theme that gives importance to customer satisfaction

Persona is a theme that aims to provide you great service with its sensitive and impressive design. It is also a minimally, ready-to-use, Creative Tumblr theme in a seductive way. And it is the perfect solution for writers, photographers, and other creative people. You can have this design that is effective and great service very easily and you can start using it right away. However, you can easily customize the colors of all available visualizations and configure basic functionality to suit your needs. At any time, you can decide whether to activate or deactivate most of the functions suggested by the theme.

7. Encore


It is one of the best themes that can be seen

Encore is an elegant, high-performance, professional design, designed in a stylish style. It is also a thin and stylish magazine-style Creative Tumblr theme created for photobloggers and writers. And you can also use it for different and similar jobs. It is quite equipped and efficient. Encore has a responsive design and aims to work with all your devices in a compatible and equipped way.


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