7 Best Lawyer WordPress Themes 2021

We carefully selected the best and most useful 7 Lawyer WordPress Themes for you. Check it out now.

Lawyers have been the pioneers of marketing from the past to the present. This does not mean that all lawyers do the same job online. Also, building a unique website can play an important role in your business’s success. We have listed the best Lawyer WordPress themes for websites that will make it easier for lawyers and law-related businesses.

Most of these themes are multipurpose and customizable WordPress themes that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as business consulting, recruitment services, or any other corporate website.  In addition, each theme has its own add-ons and content. In addition, using these themes can give your website a great image. Creating a unique and professionally crafted website plays a big role in your business’s success. Here is a suggestion that will grab your attention, check out ” 7 Best WordPress Themes for Lawyers & Law Offices ” now.

1. LawBusiness – Attorney & Lawyer WordPress Theme

LawBusiness - Attorney & Lawyer WordPress Template7

Attorney & Lawyer WordPress Theme

LawBusiness; is a WordPress theme optimized for a law firm and lawyer. In addition, it is equipped to provide all legal services. Moreover, in this way, it is one of the most preferred themes. It provides easy operation with a drag and drop interface. SEO has optimization.

In addition, this theme has responsive content, making it easy to use on all devices. Moreover, WPML multi-language plug-in comes pre-packaged. Created on HTML5 and CSS3.  Also, It has customizable elements. In addition, a collection of great shortcodes allows you to create various and attractive pages.

2. Lawyer Base – Attorney WordPress

Lawyer Base - Attorney WordPress - Template7

Adviser, Legal, Counser, SEO, WordPress

Lawyer Base; is a WordPress theme designed to take your lawyers to the next level. If you want to show how good you are at work, you can achieve it with this theme. Moreover, the theme improves itself by receiving periodic updates. It offers users easy operation at any time. Includes SEO optimization and the WPML plugin. Also supports the most popular e-commerce plug-in, WooCommerce. In addition, master Slider is also included in this theme. Helps you easily edit draggable items using drag-and-drop. In addition, this theme has responsive content to ensure satisfaction on all devices.

3. Lawyers – Responsive Business WordPress Theme

Lawyers - Responsive Business WordPress Theme - Template7

Business, Legal, Responsive, HTML5

Lawyers is a carefully created premium WordPress theme for lawyers and lawyers. It has all the add-ons you need for a legitimate business website. The theme uses the Twitter Bootstrap framework and Font Awesome icons and is now compatible with WPML. Receives periodic updates. Moreover, optimized with SEO. All devices are responsive to be easy to use. It is also built with CSS3 and HTML5. In addition, 12 special page templates help you to reflect your personal taste to the site. Page layouts are very simple and easy to edit plug-ins.

4. Oconnor – Law, Lawyer & Attorney


Political, Business, Consultancy, Legal Office

The Oconnor; This is a WordPress theme that takes into consideration all the requests of lawyers, consultants, law firms, and those who need a corporate website. Moreover, this theme has add-ons to suit all your needs. In addition, the infrastructure is strong and clean. It comes with WPML support and SEO optimization. The WooCommerce plugin is perfectly integrated. In addition, you can easily make certain color changes with the color palette option. Besides, it has responsive content for easy use on mobile and desktop devices.

5. Lawyer – WordPress Theme for Lawyers, Attorneys and Legal Firms

Lawyer - WordPress Theme for Lawyers, Attorneys and Legal Firms - Template7

Creative, WPML, Lawyer, Business, Responsive

Lawyer is a WordPress theme with an impressive design, suitable for legal business. Moreover, provides great performance with its powerful infrastructure. Created according to users’ requests. In addition, this theme has all the things you are looking for. Editing is very easy with drag and drops technology. Optimized with SEO. In addition to that, improves itself by receiving periodic updates and improves its performance. Moreover, WPML has multi-language support. You can choose this theme to create a comprehensive business website without the need for coding.

6. Legal Power – Lawyer Attorney WordPress Theme

Legal Power - Lawyer Attorney WordPress Theme - Template7

Advocate, Solicitor, Judge

Legal Power; is a WordPress theme created for lawyers, law firms, and other beginner businesses. This theme has a clean and strong background. Moreover, it has add-ons to meet all the needs of the users. In this way, he fights to become one of the most preferred. Additionally, the theme comes with customizable plug-ins. Optimized with SEO. In addition ,built with CSS3 and HTML5. With drag and drop, Visual composer is very easy to edit pages and create more pages. Responsive content is easy to use on all devices.

7. Kinglaw – Attorney & Lawyer WordPress Theme

Kinglaw - Attorney & Lawyer WordPress Theme - Template7

Responsive, Accountant, Lawyer, Consultancy

Kinglaw; is a WordPress theme suitable for lawyers, law firms, law firms, and other legal law-related services. Moreover,  there is very simple in design and very easy to use. A lawyer has all the plugins that should be on the website. Also, the theme is built on Twitter bootstrap. In addition, the software province of the theme is HTML5 and CSS3.

In this way, users provide trouble-free performance within the site. Besides, it offers a great user experience on all devices with responsive content. Improves itself by receiving periodic updates. Also, It has retina technology. Furthermore, you can also reach the whole world with WPML multi-language support.


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