7 Best Education and Training WordPress Themes 2020

Check out the best WordPress themes to be the best in education and start using the theme that suits you best!

Nobody knows the place of education and training in life. And in order to ensure that all the work is done on this path always reaches better and more accurately, uninterrupted studies are carried out. On the other hand, we wanted to do our best, and we have separated the top 7 Education WordPress themes from among thousands of WordPress templates. Moreover, you will be amazed by these carefully prepared templates as a result of detailed research and comparisons. 

In addition, we say that you do not go through these multifunctional documents, options for creating an online and offline educational institution. Also, come to the templates that prove that you can achieve an aesthetic appearance with simple and stylish design, let’s take a look together. In addition, they will be an inspiration when designing your own website! Come on, are you ready for a ride?

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1. Eduvision – Online Course Education WordPress

Education WordPress themes -Template7

How about designing your own course page?

Eduvision is a complete learning management system that combines numerous features that we have carefully prepared for you and can provide online training courses. On the other, you can easily shape it for any education system and add and remove unique features. Also, it can create a great design for school websites, college websites, universities, or any other educational institution imaginable.

On the other hand, with hundreds of font options, one-click demo, easy-to-use, page builders, or dozens of theme options, you are not far from your dreams. With Eduvision, there will be nothing missing in the education system anymore. Come on download it and enjoy this experience.

2. Kipso – Education LMS WordPress Theme

Education WordPress themes -Template7

Isn’t it time to get your professional talking?

It’s time to do both modern and professional work with Kipso! Moreover, this unique design wonder developed specifically for online education and learning systems will take you one step further than anyone. On the other hand, you can have a special platform that you can easily use in any school, university, college, academy, education center, and similar areas.

You can easily access all content with one click. You can improve yourself and your page. This system, which has many features, will have a great impact on education. Also, you can color the education with powerful customization supports, countless fonts, colorful theme contents, incredible revolution sliders, and compatible child themes. Finally, download Kipso now and take advantage of all these features at affordable prices.

3. Schule – School & Education Theme

Education WordPress themes -Template7

Wouldn’t you like to have a multifunctional theme for education?

Schule is now making dreams come true. It entertains while teaching with its various features that leave boring education systems behind. Moreover, you will attract everyone with your designs and you will add a different dimension to your business with multifunctional systems and campaigns. On the other hand, students can get additional information you can add a wide variety of materials to your site so they can take online test exams.

In addition to school themes, we also provide you with special donation functionality to organize fundraising campaigns for various community needs. Also, it is now very easy to have custom fonts, free versions, various plugins, and more. Just download Schule and get it all.

4. Bookflare – A Modern Education & LMS WordPress The

Education WordPress themes -Template7

Isn’t it time to be a successful trainee?

Want to set up an online course, training center, or academy? On the other hand, we are here to offer you the most creative websites. Also, book flare, which manages to draw eyes with a simple and stylish design, serves you for multiple purposes. Moreover, put your learning management systems, full courses, or courses online for sale! Here you are in the right place.

With its unique design, the user will fascinate them and Bookflare will lock your visitors with you. Also, it will be a pleasure to use this template, which includes many features such as easy-to-use, current versions, numerous font options, improved quality, and powerful page options. Finally, let’s download Bookflare now and start designing your own website!

5. Smarty – Education WordPress Theme

Education WordPress themes -Template7

Be ready to take your place on educational platforms!

Smarty comes with mind-blowing, lip-themed themes and designs for you. In addition, with many advanced features, you are faced with a theme that is very dominant in its subject. On the other hand, do not you want to put your signature under higher levels of success, not only to meet expectations? Kindergarten, colleges, universities, contemporary or intuitive platforms are the best among these great theme options that support to provide use for teachers or students!

Now, when you take a look at its features, you will realize that you are in the right position. Moreover, 3 different demo layouts, pre-separated color images, title layouts, event special publications, hundreds of font options, and more … On the other hand, we have gathered them all for you on a single platform. Now try Smarty and develop your page!

6. Univero – Education LMS & Courses WordPress Theme

Education WordPress themes -Template7

Education, training, and development! Let’s explore!

Although it may seem like a theme that does not make sense at first glance and does not show importance to details, you are with a carefully prepared template that will provide great support to teaching. On the other hand, as you use the theme, you will make new discoveries and add information to your knowledge. Moreover, online Learning will be the best solution for your Courses, School, or University website.

Included demo data will help you have your ready website in a short time with intuitive drag and drop page builders. Also, you can get unlimited color and font options, unlimited Header Shaping, sticky header option, mobile header customization, footer customization, advanced mega menu, custom font download, and many more with just one click. Now get this template and leave the rest to us!

7. Hogwords – Education Center WordPress Theme

Education WordPress themes -Template7

Are you ready to meet the master of image designs?

Even with its name, this design template, which has managed to arouse curiosity and drag its details into scrutiny, may also be the beginning of your career life. On the other hand, the stylish main theme of Hogwords is under the shadow of its name. But it will also amaze you with its many functions and possibilities. Also, Hogwords is suitable for a college, school, any kind of training courses, office, or company.

The theme provides the opportunity to create both offline and online educational institutions so that learning and teaching can be used wherever you are. On the other hand, gallery and blog post layouts, dozens of specially designed pages, superior event calendars, font options, aesthetic and functional templates are much easier than you think. With a single click, you can download Hogwords to this unique world.


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