7+ Best Directory & Listing WordPress Themes 2021

We have selected the Best Directory WordPress Themes for you. There are 7 different and useful themes in the article below. Start reading now.

We have created a unique 7 Directory and listing WordPress-themed, mega-article for you, in this article we have compiled great and exclusive products with many features and add-ons that you can grow and move forward. Moreover, we want to set up a quick booking system, we’ve covered you with integrations to the industry’s best booking services. There are currently products that support Open Table, Reserva, WooCommerce Reservations. On the other hand, whether you know it or not, most of the websites you visit are supported by guides, and these great themes give you great convenience.

In addition, Themes have a strong focus on code quality. Everything has its own plugin and appropriate documentation. It is very easy to change themes or plug-ins from sub-themes because everything is appropriately activated or filtered. In addition, experienced developers will be happy to use the theme. It is easier to create a great and easy-to-maintain product with good code. You can click on the link below to use, try, visit demos and purchase great themes with these unique and many features. If you are interested in hotel and holiday WordPress themes, check out the “Hotel and Accommodation WordPress Themes”.

1. Listify – WordPress Directory Theme

Listify - WordPress Directory Them-Template

innovative and useful WordPress directory theme

You can do great things with a creative, impressive, and high-performance directory. On the other hand, with Listify, you have more than you might want or need. Also, your site will be a nice thing. Let’s be honest, the problem with most of these sites is that although they’re quite functional, many of them aren’t very nice. Get this unique and awesome WordPress theme right away.

2. ListingPro – WordPress Directory Theme

perfect index theme with modern and up-to-date design

It is a great design that is used in a multipurpose way. With great add-ons and features, you can easily handle your work and do not require coding and different skills. It is also convenient and very affordable in terms of price performance. On the other hand, it provides unique experiences with its performance-enhancing content. Along with these, you can use it for free updates, themes, stores, sites, and many other areas. By the same token, get a great theme right now with modern, exclusive design, innovations, and updates. On the other hand, go to the WordPress theme by clicking on the link.

3. Directory WordPress Theme


It is a current and sophisticated WordPress theme

Directory allows you to set up and use quickly and practically without having to know the tough things that require coding, software, and skills. It is also creative, fun, and highly equipped. Moreover, this unique theme is kept constantly updated and equipped with new features. On the other hand, your company, your personal business, the private sector, agencies, and many areas have been created in a way suitable for use.

4. UrbanGo – Directory and Listing Theme

UrbanGo - Directory and Listing Template7

Splendid and flamboyant, with equipment and many features

It is a product that offers you great service with its powerful and equipped features. On the other hand, as well as a collection of beautiful, pre-designed list templates, the theme comes with some amazing features, and users can create their own lists, reports, wish lists, request items, and more. In addition, each place you choose to choose can be pinned to a map, and you can customize Google Maps to your favorite, depending on your style preferences. It is also gorgeous with its aesthetic and contemporary appearance.

5. Bello – Directory & Listing

Bello - Directory & Listing-Template7

Modern and attractive style with ready-made demos

Creating a new design is quite troublesome and difficult. Moreover, it is ready for you, responsive, ready for translation, does not require coding and static. On the other hand, it offers immediate use and installation. Creative, innovative, and modern style fills the eye. By the same token, you should also try this unique WordPress theme to be ahead of everyone and always one step ahead and the best in your business. You can also visit demos quickly.

6. ListGo – Directory WordPress Theme

ListGo - Directory WordPress Template7

Superb, And has more than 2500+ users

It is a design and product with more than 2500+ sales, mega features, customer satisfaction, and customizing you and your business. On the other hand, it has an effective, creative, different, and innovative creation. You can also set up very quickly without any coding and skills, and get started in minutes. Visit the demos of this theme which has thousands of customers.

7.FindMe – Directory Listing Theme

findme -Template7

It is a magnificent theme with dozens of features and equipment.

It is a remarkable theme with easy-to-use and creative content. In addition, the theme has a modern design, full of beautiful list templates that come with several amazing, useful features, users can create wish lists, add comments, create online bookings to give a few names. On the other hand, the theme is compatible with plugins like the WP Business Manager plugin, and WooCommerce Paid Lists plugin and many others. It also includes the User Login function, which allows your users to create or log in to a new account through their Facebook or Google+ profiles.


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