7+ Best CV & Resume Templates 2021

We have compiled the CV and Resume themes that will best reflect and introduce you! Browse and create your Professional CV.

CV and Resume preparation is a very laborious and important task. You and your life must literally reflect the right design. Impressive and creative. At the same time, you are highlighted. Preparing for a CV preparation and preparing ready designs if difficult. On the other hand, you will love these creative, complex, enjoyable, and designer designs.

Why should a CV be prepared well? When preparing your resume, you can focus better if you think that you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you at all. If someone who has never seen you read your resume, only you can understand who you are, then you are successful.  Moreover, a resume is a presentation that expresses what you know, how much you can do, reflect your potential, and market yourself with a rough expression. When preparing your resume, imagine that you can print your own ticket to a concert you want to go to or a country you want to see. You have the opportunity to print invitations for the event you want. Also, you should consider it well. You should prepare your interview ticket properly as the employer will determine your suitability by looking at your resume. Top 7 Carefully Selected CV and Personal Portfolio WordPress Themes 2019, click and discover now.

1.JD | Personal vCard / CV / Resume Template

JD | Personal vCard / CV / Resume Template7

High performance and cool design

A great design that cares about your personal goals and wishes is a CV design. On the other hand, with this design, not only CV but also many creative works. In addition, this theme style, which is simple and designed in style, is an opportunity to promote pleasure. It is also an impressive and flashy CV and maintains the theme. A CV in a better and professional team is more remarkable and effective than time.

2. Penelope – Responsive CV / Resume Template

Penelope - Responsive CV / Resume Template7

It is a modern CV and Resumess design that provides flexible and professional use.

Penelope is a responsive and up-to-date, personal web designed with the latest technology. The site is a CV template. It also allows you to introduce yourself as a professional with this unique beautiful design. On the other hand, you provide every important information to your clients or employer with great design components. It also has a cleverly responsive design that makes it look flexible and clear on any mobile or tabbed device. To have this amazing design just click on the link.

3. Me – Creative Portfolio & Resume/CV HTML Template

Me - Creative Portfolio & Resume/CV HTML Template7

a spectacular design that has been acclaimed by everyone

Focus on creating stable and different effects, this CV design can be for you. Also,e is an eye-catching performance with a personalized and impressive design. It has a multi-page HTML portfolio and CV, resume template, and much useful content. It is also remarkable with its colorful and innovative style, and you can create a catchy and good first impression with this unique design. On the other hand, it is very easy to install and has a very flexible design; Also, download via Envato Elements just by clicking on the link.

4. CVIT | Portfolio / vCard / CV / Resume Template

CVIT | Portfolio / vCard / CV / Resume Template7

Focus on creating stable and different effects, this CV design can be for you.​

You don’t have to have any difficulty in preparing your resume. Also, It is an amazing and professional style that creates a fresh and cool design feeling. It also has all kinds of functionality and is very effective with high performance. On the other hand, you and your employers can create and use these designs in a very simple way. It is very important to work with a professional if you want attention, attention, and congratulations. Bring yourself and your business to the forefront and express them flawlessly.

5. MyVCard – Responsive & Creative Resume/CV/vCard

MyVCard - Responsive & Creative Resume/CV/vCardTemplate7

Creative Minimal Style, Ready to Use Unique Demos

Clean, easy to customize, and impressive CV template design. On the other hand, the fonts can be changed easily, with 12 unique color transitions, homepage backgrounds, and many add-ons and enhancements, giving you full-featured premium template support. Also, and with this easy-to-customize, fast and impressive design, you can have completely personal content. In addition, this design fascinates everyone, gives you great opportunities.

6. Paper Multipurpose | Business | CV | Portfolio

Paper Multipurpose | Business | CV | Portfolio-Template7

It is a great CV design template with a modern and aesthetic style

It provides you full support with its unique content with its magnificent content and aesthetic visuals. On the other hand, the paper has a simple and unique Knowledgebase & Documentation Template and is specially designed for those who sell their products in markets or have an open-source project in GitHub. Plus, you don’t need anything else for an impressive impression.

7. Moje – Responsive Personal Resume vCard Template

Moje. - Responsive Personal Resume vCard Template7

It is a first-class design with its simple and high-quality visuality

Moje , flawless design that expresses yourself and your work well. Also, is one of the most responsive and innovative CV designs you can use. In addition, this effective and modern presentation comes with 6 colors, 15 great HTML files, a ready retina, 400+ icons, and many add-ons and enhancements. On the other hand, it aims for impeccable service with excellent design and effects and special support options.


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