7 Best Blog WordPress Themes 2021

Today we have compiled the 7 best WordPress themes created for your blog. Discover these 7 exciting and impactful themes.

In this article, we have compiled 7 great blog and publisher templates for you. On the other hand, writing, blogging, book store, and if you’re a newspaper writer, here are the themes that attract your attention. In addition, all the themes are subject and we have chosen with great care and all these themes and templates are produced by professionals.

In addition, all products are loaded and ready to use very quickly and also have customization and customization features for easy use. Also, review these themes carefully to create a unique and distinctive impact. In addition, you will have a fun and well-equipped job. Visit these favorite themes and templates by clicking on the links below, see the demo and features, and easily purchase and install and get started in minutes.

Here you can find all the blog and WordPress themes that will interest you.

1. Gillion | Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine & Shop WordPress Theme

Gillion | Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine & Shop WordPress Template7

Unique installation experience providing fast installation

If you write a magazine, shop, multi-concept content, blogger and you are a template that suits you. On the other hand, it provides a fun and quick setup. In addition, it is equipped with many features, reliable, multi-purpose, fast, equipped, with SEO optimization, creative and innovative. In addition, it satisfies you in every way and allows you to focus on your business. To have this unique and creative, well-equipped product, check out the links below and check out the demos. Plus, easily get the product and get it in a few clicks.

2. Typology – Text Based Minimal WordPress Blog Theme

Typology - Text Based Minimal WordPress Blog Template7

create a minimal, creative, and sleek website

Get ready for a great theme experience and stay tight. It is a great theme with many features and content gathered together. On the other hand, extensive theme selection, WooCommerce support, typographic elements, text edits, homepage layout, and admin panel. It is a great product that offers you many features quickly and reliably. Also, create your creative website while having fun. On the other hand, it has a unique typography-based design that will make your website look good with pictures or images. In addition to tobacco, simply type and publish your content.

3. BEBO – Book Issue CD/DVD Store Publish Library WP

BEBO - Book Issue CD/DVD Store Publish Librar-Template7

get one step closer to your dreams quickly and practically

Everyone wants to do their job correctly and creatively but the right equipment is very important for this, it gives you the right support with this theme. On the other hand, with this product, you can fulfill many of your requests, and have your dreams fast and practical. Plus, move your business to a different size, edit books, and get new content. Besides all this, prepare your publication library and surprise your visitors and readers. Set up easily and quickly. Moreover, just drag and drop and you’re ready with a few clicks.

4. Booklovers – Publishing House & Book Store WordPress Theme


clean, tidy, and impressive professional theme

What do you say we have a great, creative product? Also, beautiful, fresh and clean Publisher and Bookstore WordPress Theme. The other has a modern and functional design, built for burning, Publishing House or Bookstore. In addition, the theme may be appropriate for any Publishing service job or Book-Author official website. It can also be interesting for Libraries, Literary Clubs, Digital and Media online stores. Get this equipped and great product quickly and get started right away, people will be on your reaction.

5. Bookshelf | Books & Media Online Store WordPress Theme


An impressive and well-equipped performance that goes way beyond your thoughts.

If you own a bookstore or blog, it is ideal for online websites that sell media products, such as audio and electronic books, music, movies, video games, or micro-courses. You can also easily use BookShelf to sell both physical and downloadable items.

You can allocate pages for publishers, online education, e-books, literature clubs, authors, literary clubs or books, film reviews, and bestsellers. On the other hand, it is a powerful and attractive Bookstore WordPress Theme. It will be the perfect solution for a modern online library, best-selling store, literature blog, book lovers portal, online courses, and online bookstore.

6. Kanamachi – Personal Blog HTML5 Template

Kanamachi - Personal Blog HTML5 Template7

Eyes on you with its pioneering and innovative stance and design

Kanamachi is the perfect tool for publishers, major magazines, newspapers, bloggers, and other news sites. On the other hand, the predefined home style. Since Kanamachi is super fast, content is loaded only when needed. Use Kanamachi for many niches, such as politics, fashion, games, video, music, business, and world news.

Also, this HTML5 template is based on the latest Bootstrap 4. x framework and responds completely. In addition, organized CSS3 files will help you customize the look of your website. Also, HTML is created with clean semantic code. In addition, try  HTML today and create your perfect magazine.

7. Newspaper

Newspaper - Template7

is a popular and 100% customer satisfaction theme

It is quite popular and very popular by everyone. Also, create a great news site with our newspaper template. This bestseller theme is perfect for blogging and perfect for a news, newspaper, magazine, publication, or review site. On the other hand, it supports videos from YouTube. AMP and mobile-ready.

GDP compliant, the theme is fast, simple, and easy to use for a cryptocurrency, fashion, dining, lifestyle, modern, personal, travel, luxury, viral, minimal, minimalist projects, and more. On the other hand, you can make unique works with this unique and popular theme. In addition, it has many add-ons and features and gives you full thanks.


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