7 Best Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency WordPress Themes 2021

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With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple, interest in cryptocurrency Wp themes has increased over time. If you are trying to sell cryptocurrency, you can find the most suitable WordPress themes here. In addition, mining, trading, and crypto money tracking service will offer the right address.

With the 7 Best Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency WordPress Themes 2021 we have prepared for you, you can reach the themes that will meet all your expectations. There are many impressive products that will save you time and prepare your site in the easiest way. Each of these themes has add-ons to highlight it. That’s why we’ve put together the best and most preferred WordPress themes for you. You can choose one of the themes to become the leader in your business.

1. Bayya – Bitcoin Crypto Currency Template

Bayya - Bitcoin Crypto Currency Template - Template7

Mining, Digital Money, Bitcoin, coin, WPML

Bayya is an impressive WP theme designed for crypto money mining. This theme has been carefully constructed by a professional team. Created with HTML5 and CSS3 software language. Fully responsive layout. The live chat shows itself in the foreground with its widget and lives price widget. In this way, the most preferred Bitcoin has been one of the WP themes. It has add-ons to meet all your needs. There are also fully customizable plugins. The design is pleasant and the layout is very simple.  The package comes with WPML support.

2. Cryptro – Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin & Financial Technology


Template, WordPress, Crypto, Coin, Creative

This is a great theme for Crypto, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency. Moreover, it comes with an excellent and elegant design and cryptocurrency features to take your business to the next level. Although, this theme comes with the 3rd version of GoodLayers’ super-powerful and customizable framework. Also, this theme is fully responsive and optimized with SEO. It is very easy to use and the page layouts are simple. It has all the plugins you need for crypto jobs. Encoded with HTML5 and CSS3. And, you can edit your theme with unlimited color options. In addition, WPML multi-language support is included in the package.

3. COINEX – ICO, Bitcoin And Crypto Currency HTML Template

COINEX - ICO, Bitcoin And Crypto Currency HTML Template - Template7

Web Design, Crypto, WordPress, Coin

CoinEx is a bitcoin WordPress theme with a great design. This template is perfect if you plan to start an ICO Campaign or create your own shopping. So, crypto has all the plugins that will be needed on behalf of the coins. Simply select the layout that meets your needs, you can easily customize the sections, colors, choosing one of the useful elements pre-made. In addition, fully sensitive display and retina technology. So, you can create great images on all devices. In addition, this theme is updated periodically. Created with HTML5 and CSS3. This amazing design is a strong and clean subtype.

4. Tolarcek – A Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency WordPress Blog Theme

Tolarcek - A Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency WordPress Blog Template7

Coin, Ethereum, Crypto Blog, Responsive

If you want to join the crypto money and bitcoin business, welcome to Tolarcek. Tolarcek is a WordPress theme with a unique design. With this theme, you can efficiently use the cryptocurrency WordPress theme for any virtual currency. Bitcoin and crypto have all the plugins you need for your money. This theme is fully customizable and adaptable, flexible, and extensible. Thanks to its responsive content, it can work on devices of all sizes. Optimized with SEO. It also has 6 different home layouts. In this way, you can reflect your own taste.

5. Arda – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ICO HTML Template

Arda - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ICO HTML Template - Template7

Crypto, Minimal, Customizable, Responsive

Arda is a carefully designed WordPress theme for crypto coins. It consists of 4 different layouts and 4 pre-made colors. It is a theme that is completely open to privatization. In this way, you can use your own plug-ins or themes. Totally sensitive. It is updated periodically to make the theme more beautiful. Built with HTML5 and CSS3. Bootstrap 4 is also made using the perfect grid system. You can reach the whole world with WPML support. Crypto has all the plugins that money should have on their sites. It stands out with its retinal technology.

6. Cryptico – ICO Crypto Landing & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme​


Bitcoin, Ico Website, WordPress, Coin, Responsive

The best premium website template for Cryptico, ICO Agencies, and Cryptocurrency Investments. This theme is very easy to use. It has all the plugins to create a great-looking website. On the other hand, it has responsive content and retina display technology to provide the best view on all screens. It also supports multi-language WPML. You can add your own taste to your website with a 12+ home page layout. It also has unlimited color options. It receives updates periodically. Built with CSS3 and HTML5. It has a strong and clean infrastructure.

7. Crypto Admin – Responsive Cryptocurrency HTML Templates


Business, WordPress, Coins

Crypto Admin is a WP theme for crypto coins and similar fields. This theme has add-ons that are easily customizable. It was also created for developers who want to customize. Comes with 100+ widgets and especially to make your work easier. Thanks to the responsive support it works on all devices such as desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. In addition, this theme is updated periodically. It is built to give users the best performance with a strong and clean infrastructure. This theme has all the plugins you need on behalf of crypto coins.


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