20+ Best Automotive & Car Dealer WordPress Themes 2020

Here we have compiled the best 20 car and vehicle maintenance themes of 2020 for you. Click on the demos and take a look!

Hello everyone from the last days of 2020! Today, we have compiled 20 wordpress themes for car lovers and those serving in this sector. These advanced and special wordpress themes will catch your attention. Start the new year with your new theme and business. We have made a list of the best 20 Creative Car Service WordPress Themes. Nowadays, many activities are carried out over the internet. One of these is the websites that organize information and appointments about cars. In addition, the designs of these sites have become quite easy and impressive with WordPress.

Below we have organized the best 20 car WordPress theme for you and your business. Furthermore, all themes have their own special features. So, with these themes, you can promote your business in the best way and attract customers. All themes have WPML multi-language support and Responsive content. If you are looking for the best themes you are in the right place. You can reach themes that will meet all your needs, not just automotive, on our website. Finally, the most beautiful and the newest themes waiting for you on Theme forest. Finally, before seeing this awesome Creative Car Service WordPress Themes, we recommend you to take a look at this great article, Best 7 WordPress Online Shop Themes.

1. Automotive, Car Dealership, Car Rental, Auto, Classified Ads, Listing WordPress Theme

Motors - Car Dealer and Rental, Classified WordPress template7

Car, Repair, Dealership WordPress, Automotive

Motors; car rental, boat rental, car maintenance, WordPress theme created in accordance with many occupations. In addition, it is one of the most preferred themes in Envato. There are plug-ins to help you with whatever tool you have in the theme. These add-ons make this theme one step ahead of the others.

Also, Motors Automotive WordPress was created with the most robust and powerful professional-grade CSS plugin language for superior performance on your website. Also, responsive plug-ins add separate air to the theme. Thus, the most comfortable image is obtained on all devices. For extra, with WPML multi-language support you can reach people from all over the world.

2. AutoImage Car Service WordPress Themes

Autoimage - Automotive Car Dealer - Template7

Car Service, Car Blog, Car Dealer, Auto Shop

The Autoimage is a WordPress theme designed to be suitable for car gallery websites, car businesses, or any automobile corporate website in this field. In addition, this car theme is compatible with WooCommerce to buy or sell vehicles online. It has unlimited color options. So you can adjust the color to suit your personal taste and use it on your website. This theme is also suitable for WordPress5.0. The included WPML support also highlights the theme. Finally, the infrastructure is clean and quite strong.

3. Car-Repair Services & Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme

Auto Care, Service, Car Wash, WordPress

This Car Service Theme is a WordPress theme with a great design for automotive repair shops websites, shops with car parts and accessories for car repairs, car wash locations, major auto centers, and other sites related to car services. Also, this theme has add-ons that will respond to many things you and your users would like. In addition, the theme comes with WPML multi-language support. This allows users to manually set the page language. Optimized with SEO. Super retina technology allows you to get the sharpest images. In addition, this awesome theme has 100% responsive content. The developers of this theme update the theme periodically.

4. Car Service Business WordPress Theme

Automotive Car Service WordPress Themes - Template7

Responsive, Elegant Design, WordPress, Creative, Responsive

This theme is a WordPress theme designed with unique beauty and functionality. This theme is the best selling Car WordPress theme. The theme that users are very satisfied with can be customized. With this feature, you can make your own touch to your theme. Also, this theme toolbox includes a well-designed inventory management system which is a breeze to adjust and customize your inventory. It comes with WPML support. The infrastructure is very strong and prepared by professional teams. Finally, this marvelous template receives periodic updates. In this way, it does not lose its timeliness. It has responsive content.

5. Autrics – Car Service and Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme

Autrics - Car Services and Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme - Template7

Minimal, Creative, Car Repair, WPML, Responsive

The Autrics is a WordPress theme created for car repair shops, wash mechanical workshops, car painting car services. In addition, this theme has been created for you if you have a profession related to vehicles. It includes add-ons to meet all your needs. These add-ons give you great convenience. This theme also supports WPML multi-language support. SEO is optimized. In addition, thanks to its responsive content, it provides easier access from all devices. As a result, you can find the most suitable content for your web design with this theme.

6. CarShire – Auto Mechanic & Car Repair WordPress Theme

Car Shire - Auto Mechanic & Car Repair WordPress Theme - Template7

Body Shop, Garage, Repair, SEO Optimized

The CarShire; auto repairers, car wash, auto marketing is a WordPress theme built in accordance with the sectors and all kinds of small business activities. The coding language of this theme is CSS3 and HTML5. Also, the theme is powered with Responsive content. Fully customizable add-ons. You do not need coding information to make these edits. It is very easy with drag and drop. The theme comes with WPML language support, so users can browse the website by selecting the language they want. Also, the theme has a very strong and clean infrastructure. Optimized with SEO.

7. CarService – Mechanic Auto Shop WordPress Theme

Car Service - Mechanic Auto Shop WordPress Theme - Template7

Car Service WordPress Theme, Car Wash, WordPress, Theme

This awesome design is a WordPress theme created for many businesses such as car mechanics, car washes, etc. With this theme, you can take one step ahead of other businesses by showing your business better. It is very easy to use and the layout is simple. Fully customizable add-ons. Also, the theme is optimized with SEO. WPML has multi-language support. Users can select the language and browse the page. The software language of this theme is HTML5 and CSS3. The infrastructure is clean and quite strong. This theme also comes with a 12-page template, sticky menu, touch slider, and carousels, ajax contact form, and more.

8. Car Wash WordPress Theme

Car Wash WordPress
Car Wash WordPress

A handy and unique WordPress theme.

If you want to create an awesome and attractive website and you own a car wash company, this product might suit you. On the other hand, it is a WordPress theme with advanced options and great enhancements.

Moreover, it is a great product that offers its users a very effective and different possibility. And with the Car Wash theme, you’ll be able to easily create your website for all types of Car workshops, upholstery, and deep cleaning. In addition, Car Wash is an automobile theme with special service extensions such as wheel alignment and balancing, as well as engine tuning and lubrication. This product has a wide range of options that you can share on your website.

9. Auto Spa – Car Wash Booking WordPress Theme

Auto Spa - Car Wash Booking WordPress Template7
Easy to use and has a professional design WordPress theme.

This is a great WordPress theme if you are interested in car wash and care. Besides, it provides perfect service with its useful and effective features. In addition, Auto Spa is a competent and professional, responsive and retina-ready WordPress Theme.

It is a professional product that provides flexible performance with effective and useful features. In addition, WooCommerce and Google Calendar integration and intuitive back-end management will help you set up a professional booking system on your website. Auto Spa offers unlimited color options and hundreds of google fonts. To have this handy and legendary website, just click on the link we added for you below.

10. Car Wash, Auto Mechanic & Repair Shop WordPress Theme

Car Wash, Auto Mechanic & Repair Shop WordPress Template7
This Design is a highly preferred and amazing performance car wash theme.

An impressive WordPress theme designed to suit repair, car wash, and similar industries. On the other hand, you can install in a short time and do not need professional support. Nevertheless, a modern and responsive WordPress Theme. It has a professional and attractive design dedicated to car wash, mechanic or auto repair service.

Besides all this, this is the most suitable theme for auto repair companies, repair shops company, auto painting service agency or any kind of car care related website. Get your fast, practical and convenient website right away and start pioneering.

11. Car Service – Mechanic Auto Shop WordPress Theme

It is a suitable and impressive WordPress theme for everyone in the automotive industry.

You can use this theme if you want to have a handy and simple theme and you don’t know the difficult, complex design and coding tasks. It is also a very simple WordPress theme that provides professional support to its users.

On the other hand, it is the most suitable, responsive and retina ready WordPress Theme for car wash, auto mechanic, auto mechanic, mechanic workshop, auto repair services, auto painting, auto detailing, tire or tire shop. The theme is also suitable for small businesses for car hire, car wash, auto glass or skilled workers such as any mechanic, soldier or panel beater, spray painter, bodybuilder, or automotive technician.

In addition, click the link below and visit the product immediately.

12. Auto Repair – Car Mechanic Services Website Templates

Auto Repair - Car Mechanic Services-Template7
It is a theme with a minimal design that will surprise everyone with its remarkable and stylish modern design.

It has a design that attracts everyone’s attention with its incredible performance and stylish design. On the other hand, it is a useful and modern product. However, it is a WordPress theme with a simple, elegant, clean interface design that everyone will use.

You can be sure that it will give you great experiences. It is built for car-related services and is suitable for any small business. On the other hand, car service mot, tire, brake rental, car rental, car maintenance, maintenance, vehicle diagnostics and aims to provide services in many areas.

13. AutoCare – Auto Service WordPress Theme

AutoCare - Auto Service WordPress Template7
This website template is a very useful and pioneering design for your business.

It is a WordPress theme with a suitable design for all car care, service, and car-related businesses and organizations. In addition, the use is clean, modern, pressurized.

It is also the perfect WordPress Theme for workshops, auto repair centers. Also for people who aim to provide services in many areas and do repairs. Moreover, an excellent choice for you and for people doing repair shops, car service and garage services where you can increase your reputation by offering services.

In addition, you can visit the Envato by clicking the button below and you will find detailed information about this product. On the other hand, you can easily and simply make your purchases.

14. CarFixing – Car Wash

CarFixing - Car Wash-Template7
It is a professional WordPress theme for different and popular website setup.

It is a user-friendly and active WordPress theme that will have many.
Besides, it is flashy and creative. On the other hand, it will attract the attention of your customers with its remarkable and catchy style.

However, the CarFixing template is completely responsive. It also fits perfectly on a variety of displays and resolutions, from normal desktop screens to tablets, iPads, iPhones, and small mobile devices. In addition, it continues to surprise you with its amazing features. On the other hand, you can get preview and product options from the link we added for you below.

15. Car Parts Store & Auto Services WordPress Theme

Car Parts Store & Auto Services-Template7

With a wide range of sectoral options, you can easily find a suitable theme and search for an awesome website.

Auto Parts Stone and Car Dealer WordPress Theme, auto services, auto parts store, contemporary online use opportunities, bold design in Envato. Also, for car mechanic, auto mechanic, accessory shop, body shop, technical service, auto blog, garage, workshop, company and similar works. Finally, you’ll be able to do first-class jobs that are awesomely designed and comfortable to use.

16. Schremp – Auto Repair WP Theme

Schremp - Auto Repair?-Template7

Scream WordPress theme that provides five star service quality and 100% customer satisfaction.

Schremp, Car Dealer WordPress Themes offer you an innovative and well-equipped service with five-star customer satisfaction. Also, auto repair, authorized service, mechanical workshop, garage, washing, and all kinds of vehicles, ready to offer you comfort in the area related to automobiles. So, with its customizable feature, you can easily benefit from a wide range of colors, themes, menus, dashboards, calendars, and much more.

17. Autostar – Car Rental & Auto Dealer

Autostar - Car Rental & Auto Dealer-Template7

professional, innovative, simple website design.

AutoStar, rent a car, sale, suitable car listing, car reservation, a web design suitable for a product order. Also, this theme includes car service, stations, mechanical workshops, retailers’ demos. So, you can also exhibit your products, change the rich content of your website to your own design look, and get a different and personal result. Finally, you can visit Envato to buy the product for 49 USD.

18. Ripara – Auto Repair & Car WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Ripara - Auto Repair & Car -Template7

A subjective, versatile and minimal WordPress theme

Ripara is designed for clothing, accessories, vehicles, auto repair, and similar conditions. If you are a retailer looking to sell online. In addition, this car dealer WordPress theme contains many creative pages pre-designed to offer our main services, your gallery, your fashion services, and your store’s range. As a result, your website is compatible with premium add-ons like Page Builder, WPBakery, and 100% responsive.

19. Autozone – Business Automotive WordPress Theme

Autozone - Automotive Car Dealer-Template7

Take your level with 110 new elements and more than 550 different options.

Autozone is a modern, useful, captivating, and cleverly designed auto(car, car sales) WordPress Theme. So, you can quickly upload your products and various ads to your website. With premium add-ons, you can save time by doing your work in less time. So, Get a unique and creative website with 110 new demos and elements and more than 550 different options, appeal to a wide audience.

20. Automotive WordPress Theme – Garag

Automotive WordPress Theme - Garage- Template7

It is a Car Dealer WordPress themes, that can meet all your expectations about the tool.

Garage is a theme for many businesses such as car workshop, car service, car repair, spare parts. Also, an easy and quick installation, Visual Composer packages, icon box, team header, counter box, google map, shortcuts, and many more options are available in Garage WordPress theme. On the other hand, you can view these products by popularity, price, sales rate.


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